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John Jacobs Golf Books - Improve Your Golf With The Best Golf Instructional Books by John Jacobs!

John Jacobs was born in Yorkshire on March 14, 1925 and has served a lifetime in golf. He is enormously respected as one of the greatest golf instructors around and for being the pioneering architect of Europe's united approach to the modern game.

On his Ryder Cup debut in 1955 Jacobs earned the unique distinction of winning both his matches in America, and won the Dutch Open & South African Match Play Championship in 1957. He then served as Tournament Director General of the European Tour from 1971 to 1975, a period which included the inaugural season of the modern day tour in 1972, and in 1979 and 1981 he was non-playing captain of the European Ryder Cup team.

In recognition of his outstanding service to the game and multiple achievements in golf, John Jacobs was awarded the Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 1997. He is an honorary life member of the European Tour and was voted into the World Golf Hall of Fame in 2000 for the indelible mark that he has left on the game. 

Although a fine Tour player in his own right, John Jacobs soon realized that his real strengths lay within his teaching abilities and soon became one of the most sought after coaches throughout Europe and the United States. His practical approach to teaching, words of wisdom and string of excellent golf instructional books (more information below) have helped countless golfers over the years, to improve their golfing performance and to have more fun on the golf course.

Practical Golf by John Jacobs Review

Practical Golf by John Jacobs

If you love golf then John Jacobs 'Practical Golf' is a must buy! By sharing his unrivaled knowledge and experience of the game, and using clear practical instruction, John Jacobs shows you how to develop a consistent swing, improve your mental attitude & achieve superior results from the rough.

Practical Golf will also help you to cure the dreaded golf slice if that's what you're suffering from, and gain that extra yardage off the tee, that we all crave so much. This book is another great read and a must have for all serious golfer's out there looking to improve their performance out on the course.

John Jacobs Practical Golf

50 Years Of Golfing Wisdom by John Jacobs Review

50 Years Of Golfing Wisdom by John Jacobs

'50 Years of Golfing Wisdom' features all the lessons and advice that made Jacobs the original and many say, the ultimate golfing guru. Every department of the game receives the John Jacobs treatment, from the fundamentals of grip and swing, to problem solving and curing your bad shots.

As well as providing instruction on hitting every shot, from the longest drive to the shortest putt and everything in between, you will also find this great John Jacobs book, simple, easy to understand, and very effective when it comes to maximizing your full potential and playing the best golf of your life!

John Jacobs 50 Years Of Golfing Wisdom Review

The Golf Swing Simplified by John Jacobs Review

The Golf Swing Simplified by John Jacobs

'The Golf Swing Simplified' by Jacobs distills the elements of an effective golf swing into its key essentials, relying on scores of detailed drawings and a minimum of text to convey the simplicity of a good golf swing. All the swing essentials are here from grip, stance, alignment, takeaway, tempo, and more.

Presented in a uniquely uncomplicated format, 'The Golf Swing Simplified' will show you why getting the connection and impact with the ball right is so important & explains what is going on with you grip and swing by helping you to understand the flight of the ball, and why this can be you biggest teacher.

John Jacobs The Golf Swing Simplified Review

50 Greatest Golf Lessons of The Century by John Jacobs Review

50 Greatest Golf Lessons of The Century

John Jacobs is one of golf's most respected teachers, he has either played against, talked with, or given a tip to just about every significant player in the last half of the 20th century, and combines this experience with his enormous knowledge of the game in '50 Greatest Golf Lessons Of The Century'

'50 Greatest Golf Lessons of the Century' assembles an interesting mixture of general and some more specific golf lessons, and is a remarkable collection of personal anecdotes, expert swing analysis, and fascinating insights into what makes a champion and how these great players play the game.

John Jacobs 50 Greatest Golf Lessons of The Century Review

Golf Doctor by John Jacobs Review

Golf Doctor by John Jacobs

In 'Golf Doctor', John Jacobs takes you through nearly every golfing fault that there is, and explains the fundamental reasons as to why many golfers slice, hook, or mishit the ball, and shows you how you can correct these common shot problems by using the flight of the golf ball as the essential indicator.

He provides each with a focused lesson that breaks down the fault, reviews the essentials of the problem and then addresses what needs to be done to correct them. With wonderful two-color illustrations from noted illustrator Anthony Ravielli, "Golf Doctor" is almost as good as a private instructor.

John Jacobs Golf Doctor Review

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