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FREE Online Beginner Golf Instruction, Tips & Drills To Help You Improve Your Golfing Performance!

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Welcome to my beginner golf instruction! If you take a moment to have a look around this section of my site, you will find lots of helpful and useful golf instruction, tips and drills to help you become a better player, by improving all areas of your game. So if you are looking to master your golf putting and short game, increase distance off the tee, perfect your golf bunker play, eliminate that slice or create a masterful golf swing, you will find the answers you need right here!

Golf Putting Instruction

Golf Putting Instruction, Tips & Drills:

There is no doubt that the quickest way to start lowering your golfing handicap and reducing your scores is to work on improving your golf putting performance, and the first area you want to look at is your golf putting setup. This includes your putting grip, posture, alignment and the way you address the golf ball.

Once you have mastered your putting setup, you will want to find a solid and reliable golf putting stroke, that feels right and will produce consistent results for you. Follow that up with a good golf putting routine and then i'm afraid it's a case of practice and learning the finer skills of golf putting through experience.

Golf Putting Instruction

Golf Short Game Instruction

Golf Short Game Instruction, Tips & Drills:

If you consider that touring professionals, on average, only hit 13 greens in regulation and still manage to produce sub-par rounds of golf. This means that at least 5 times during their round, they will have required an excellent short game, with an accurate chip or delicate pitch shot to save their par.

Failing to do this on a regular basis is the difference between them earning a living or not! How many greens do you hit in regulation? and how often do you get up and down for your par? Mastering your short game performance should be an essential part of practice time, if you want to start playing your best golf.

Golf Short Game Instruction

Golf Bunker Shots Instruction

Golf Bunker Shots Instruction, Tips & Drills:

Why are golf bunker shots one of the most feared shots in golf? Maybe it's because the bunker shot is the only shot in golf where you're not actually looking to strike the ball first, so appears to be completely unpredictable! Or maybe it's because you have never been taught how to play out of them!

With the right kind of bunker shot instruction and time spent practicing your sand shots, you will soon realise that there is absolutely nothing to fear. In fact, once you have mastered the right techniques through quality bunker shot instruction, you start to look forward to your next bunker shot challenge.

Golf Bunker Shots Instruction

Golf Swing Instruction

Golf Swing Instruction, Tips & Drills:

There is no such thing as the perfect golf swing that fits all, but with the right golf swing instruction and a good understanding of the golf swing mechanics and basic fundamental principles, you will be able to create a swing that works for you, and gives you a solid, consistent and more accurate golf game.

A few of the basic fundamental principles that i am referring to, include adopting the right golf grip, making sure that your alignment is correct, having a setup position that will enable you to strike the golf ball with a square club face and creating a swing path that will send the ball off in the right direction.

Golf Swing Instruction

The Simple Golf Swing


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The Simple Golf Swing EBook

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