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Gary Player Golf Books - Harness The Skills & Techniques From One Of Golf's Greats!

At the young age of 29 Gary Player became only the 3rd man in history to win the coveted Grand Slam Title. Only Gene Sarazen and Ben Hogan had achieved this distinction before him, with Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods the only golfers to do so since.

Fondly known as 'The Black Knight', Gary Player is one of the most successful international golfers ever, achieving worldwide acclaim that is only reserved for a handful of sporting greats.

Player still holds many golfing records, including victories in 27 consecutive years, winning the South African Open a record 13 times, the Australian Open a record 7 times and the World Match Play Championship a record 5 times.

Known for his impeccable set of values, insistence on quality and strict health and fitness regimen, Gary Player is an uncompromising perfectionist, who is simply world class, and admired all over the globe.

As well as being one of the greatest golfers ever to have played the game, and renowned for his golf course architecture, Gary Player has also written several excellent golf instruction books. So if you want to learn more about the legend himself and harness the skills and techniques that has made him the only man ever to have won the Grand Slam distinction on both the PGA Tour and Seniors Tour, then i would highly recommend getting hold of some of the Best Gary Player Books below.

Bunker Play by Gary Player Review

Bunker Play by Gary Player

Rated by most of his fellow professionals as the best Bunker player in the history of the game, Gary Player clearly outlines the secrets of his success from the sand in 'Bunker Play' and teaches the basic fundamentals of good bunker play, from reading the sand to the set-up and the slow, wristy swing.

He discusses which type of sand wedge to use under different conditions and what the various types of bunkers are that can either help or hinder the average golfer. Gary Player also shows you how to practice your shots when you're away from the course to help you improve your game.

Gary Player's Bunker Play Review

Don't Choke by Gary Player Review

Don't Choke by Gary Player

'Gary Player Don't Choke' shows exactly what it takes to achieve success on the golf course when the pressure is on, and explains how and why Gary Player became one of the greatest Champions ever, by reviewing his most pressure packed situations during his 18 Major Championship victories.

Player shows how to adopt the right mindset to overcome and succeed, in even the most tense conditions. His achievements stem way beyond just the golf course though, with a long successful career in course design, marketing golf equipment, and more, his advice will help you in all areas of your life.

Gary Player Don't Choke Review

Golf Begins At 50 by Gary Player Review

Golf Begins At 50 by Gary Player

As the title suggests, Gary Player's 'Golf Begins At 50' is aimed at the more senior golfers and clearly illustrates techniques and offers a series of exercises that focus on training the key golf muscles that will help reduce back strain and improve scores by compensating for loss of strength and flexibility.

Player also teaches senior golfers how and why they need to change their playing strategy to achieve success in later life, by giving great advice and excellent tips to playing with more intelligence. This book is a must have for any senior golfer looking to enjoy their golf for a much longer period of time.

Gary Player's Golf Begins At 50 Review

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