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Hank Haney Golf Books - Become Your Own Teacher With The Best Golf Books From Hank Haney!

Hank Haney was born on August 24, 1955 at Lake Forest, IL, and graduated at the University of Tulsa. He is an American professional golf instructor that is best known for coaching Tiger Woods and 2 time major championship winner Mark O’Meara.

So far in his career Hank Haney has taught over 200 touring professionals from the PGA, LPGA, Champions, European, Japanese, Australian & Asian Tours, and his philosophy is clear:

"My philosophy as a teacher is to teach my students to become their own best teacher by getting them to understand the flight of the golf ball and how it relates to the swing, with emphasis on swinging the golf club on their own correct swing plane".

With his impressive learning program, he has helped students win every major championship in all levels. In 2007, he was voted Golf Digest Magazine’s Top 3 Teachers in the World.

Haney is also a member of the Professional Advisory Staffs for Nike Golf, Golf Digest, Golfsmith, and Graphite Design. He has also published several excellent books on golf instruction, that you can find out more information about below. 

Essentials of The Swing by Hank Haney Review

Essentials Of The Swing by Hank Haney

Hank Haney is the world's premier instructor on the golf swing and in this great book 'Essentials of the Swing', he goes beyond tips & quick fixes to lay out the principles behind the perfect swing, so you can build a powerful and consistent swing that will improve your golf performance for years to come.

Using the same careful analytical approach that he has shared with hundreds of Touring Pro's, Hank Haney provides a 7 Point Plan that takes you back to basics, with each chapter taking you through every aspect of the swing, from applying the correct grip, right the way through to contact, and shot shaping.

Hank Haney's Essentials of The Swing Review

The Only Golf Lesson You'll Ever Need by Hank Haney Review

The Only Golf Lesson You'll Ever Need

'The Only Golf Lesson You'll Ever Need' by Hank Haney explains how intelligent observation of your ball flight tendencies (the way your shot behaves in the air) is the key to providing you with the answers to developing a consistent and repeating golf swing, and will help you to lower your scores.

Haney believes that focusing on the outcome of your swing first, rather than on the entire swing itself, you can often avoid having to make any awkward or unnatural changes to grip, stance, posture or alignment, and explains that a flawed swing that produces a good shot, is in fact a good golf swing.

Hank Haney's The Only Golf Lesson You'll Ever Need Review

No More Bad Shots by Hank Haney Review

No More Bad Shots by Hank Haney

'No More Bad Shots' clearly demonstrates the most common swing flaws that all amateurs can understand and relate to. By using contrasting pictures of poor swings and good swings, and offering intelligent explanations, Haney shows you how to correct your swing faults and minimize bad shots.

'No More Bad Shots' is an extremely useful golf instruction book for those golfers who are struggling with consistency, and is clearly designed to help resolve the erratic parts of the game that are costing you shots. Your scoring will significantly improve, if you can start to reduce the number of bad shots.

Hank Haney's No More Bad Shots Review

Fix The Yips Forever by Hank Haney Review

Fix The Yips Forever by Hank Haney

If you are suffering from one of golf's worst nightmares.....the YIPS....then Hank Haney's 'Fix The Yips Forever' is a must read! Although the title is a little misleading, as he admits that there is no forever fix, he does show you how to live with and control them, from mild forms to the more serious cases.

Packed full of useful information to help you manage this terrible problem, this book shows you how to diagnose yips so you can identify whether it's a mechanical or true nervous issue, then goes on to offer his proven techniques and solutions to help you control them, so you can enjoy golf again.

Hank Haney's Fix The Yips Forever Review

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