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Dave Pelz Golf Books - Master Your Short Game & Putting With The Best Golf Books by Dave Pelz!

Dave Pelz is highly respected amongst his peers and regarded as one of golf's foremost authorities on the short game and golf putting. He has dedicated his life to helping golfers all over the world to lower their handicaps by improving their short game.

His unique analytical approach has helped improve the short game performance of some of the greatest golfers on Tour, including Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh and Steve Elkington. Dave Pelz has proved through experience and testing, that the fastest way to lowering your handicap is to improve your short game and his popular scoring game schools have helped thousands of amateur golfers every year, to play better golf.

As well as appearing regularly on The golf channel with his 'Dave Pelz Scoring Game Shows' and designing unique and breathtaking courses, the former NASA Scientist Dave Pelz has written several fabulous golf instruction books (detailed below) on the short game and putting, which have made a significant difference to the performance of thousands of golfers worldwide. 

10 Minutes A Day To Better Putting by Dave Pelz

10 Minutes A Day To Better Putting by Dave Pelz

It's no big secret that one of the quickest way to lower your handicap is to improve your putting. However, it is always easier said than done! Pelz's '10 Minutes A Day To Better Putting' shows you that with the right feedback, proper practice and time well spent in a positive environment, it can be done.

Dave Pelz's '10 Minutes A Day To Better Putting' guides you through the process of improving your golf putting performance, from creating your workspace, defining your focus, using proper tools and finally making it easy to find the most precious of all commodities - the time to make it happen.

Dave Pelz's 10 Minutes A Day To Better Putting

Damage Control by Dave Pelz

Damage Control by Dave Pelz

Even the best golfer's on the planet produce a few wayward shots every so often, which land them into awkward and troublesome situations. So it would be wrong if any of us mere mortals were to think that we can avoid them, and this is where Dave Pelz's 'Damage Control' comes in very handy.

It is all too easy to completely blow out on a hole because of one mistimed or miss hit shot that finds you knee high in the boondocks. 'Damage Control' explains in detail the best solutions to dealing with all of these difficult and tricky situations, and makes sure you get back to safety as soon as possible!

Dave Pelz's Damage Control

Golf Without Fear by Dave Pelz

Golf Without Fear by Dave Pelz

After conducting worldwide surveys to determine which shots golfers fear the most, Dave Pelz has focused his skilled research on creating a methodology and conditioning process proven to teach golfers how to conquer their top 10 most feared shots in golf, with his excellent new book 'Golf Without Fear'

Dave Pelz offers a visual method of instruction in 'Golf Without Fear', with close-up images of the problems that cause fear, solutions to those problems, and step-by-step instructions on how to execute those shots with confidence, by retraining you to apply precise, clearly defined body positions and setups.

Dave Pelz's Golf Without Fear

Putting Bible by Dave Pelz

Putting Bible by Dave Pelz

'Putting Bible' is another masterpiece from one of golf's most highly qualified and respected short game experts, Dave Pelz, and is his second book in a four-book series called 'Dave Pelz Scoring Game Series', and is probably one of the most fully comprehensive guides to golf putting ever created.

Dave Pelz's 'Putting Bible' literally covers everything that you could possibly need to know about the putting game, from ways to improve your artistic senses with stability, rhythm, feel, touch and reading putting greens to the more technical issues like, stroke mechanics and methods of golf putting.

Dave Pelz's Putting Bible

Putt Like The Pro's by Dave Pelz

Putt Like The Pro's by Dave Pelz

'Putt like the Pros' is Dave Pelz's original masterpiece on putting, providing you with a system to perfect your putting stroke, and although is probably superseded by his latest book the 'Putting Bible' it is still an excellent read and will help players of all abilities to improve their putting performance.

Dave Pelz explains the different techniques and shows you how to effectively make use of your practice time. He also goes into the mental side of putting, and shows you how to put yourself into a more positive state of mind, so your putting performance is not negatively effected by those missed putts.

Dave Pelz's Putt Like The Pro's

Short Game Bible by Dave Pelz

Short Game Bible by Dave Pelz

With decades worth of scientific research and studying thousands of golfers worldwide, Dave Pelz knows that the most important, yet least focused on part of golf is the short game. He understands that 80% of strokes lost to par are down to the golfers play within 100 yards of the putting green.

Dave Pelz's 'Short Game Bible' breaks down all of the shots that are required within this zone, including chipping, wedges, lob shots, bunker shots and distance wedges and puts them into manageable lessons to ensure that you benefit from the vast amount of knowledge contained in this masterpiece.

Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible

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