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Best Books About Golf by Category!

Finding the best books about golf can be a very tricky process, especially if you are not quite sure exactly what you are looking for! With so many options and choices currently available, it can end up being a very time consuming and expensive task.

So if you're looking to improve a specific area of your game, whether it's mastering your golf putting, gaining more confidence with your short game, being able to improve your bunker play or simply work on your a better golf swing, i would recommend taking a look through my golf book reviews below to find the very best books about golf by category.

Written by some of the greatest golfers and instructors ever to have played and coached the game of golf, these best selling and extremely affordable golf instruction books will provide you with all of the essential knowledge and experiences you need to help take your game to the next level!

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No. 1 Golf Putting Book:  Putting Out of Your Mind

Dr Bob Rotella's 'Putting Out Of Your Mind' will help you to create a whole new positive attitude towards your golf putting game, and his key message is: 'take your satisfaction not from whether the putt drops but from whether you got yourself in the right frame of mind to hit the putt'.

Dr Bob Rotella believes that one of the reasons for poor putting is because many golfers allow the negative effects of the conscious mind to have too much of an influence. 'Putting Out of your Mind' will help you to understand how you control your mental processes and eliminate these influences.

Best Golf Putting Books

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No. 1 Short Game Book:  Secrets of The Short Game

From 50 yards in, there is no golfer in history that has demonstrated more talent, flair, creativity and precision, or generated more raw excitement, than the great man himself, Phil Mickelson. His ability with the sand wedge and putter are legendary, not only amongst his fans, but with his peers as well.

His talent with these clubs are the primary reason for his 34 tournaments wins, including 3 major championships. 'Secrets Of The Short Game' does a fantastic job of conveying his unmatched skills, and is a must have if you are looking to add a little more excitement and imagination to your short game!

Best Short Game Books

Gary Player Best Bunker Play Books Image

No. 1 Bunker Play Book:  Bunker Play by Gary Player

Bunker shots are one of Player's favorite shots in golf, and in his excellent golf instructional book 'Bunker Play', he clearly outlines the secrets of his success from the sand, and he is rated by most of his fellow professionals as the best bunker player in the history of the game.

Gary Player details the basic fundamentals of good bunker play, from reading the sand to the set-up and the slow, wristy swing. He discusses which type of sand wedge to use under different conditions and explains what the various types of bunkers are that can either help or hinder the average golfer.

Best Bunker Play Books

Ben Hogans Five Lessons Golf Book Image

No. 1 Golf Swing Book:  Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Ben Hogan's 'Five Lessons - the Modern Fundamentals of Golf' can only be described as the 'bible' of golf. First published over 50 years ago, this magnificent book has stood the tests of time and will be in the hands of the majority of Golf professionals today, as a vital resource for them to refer to.

Ben Hogan's gives us the first real insights into how the most important parts of the golf swing work and broke it down into 5 lessons that take you right through the entire swing, from grip to follow through. accompanied by amazing illustrations, every serious golfer should have a copy of this book.

Best Golf Swing Books

The Simple Golf Swing


Golf Books By Author:
>  Ben Hogan
Dave Pelz
Dave Stockton
>  David Leadbetter
Dr Bob Rotella
Gary Player
Hank Haney
Harvey Penick
John Jacobs
>  Phil Mickelson
Stan Utley
Todd Sones

Golf Books by Category:
>  Golf Putting
Short Game
Bunker Play
Golf Swing

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The Simple Golf Swing EBook

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