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Find The Best Books On Golf by Author!

If you are looking to improve your golfing performance by finding the very best books on golf, that are written by some of the greatest players, instructors, coaches and minds in the golfing world, then take a moment to browse through my selection of highly respected golfing authors below.

It doesn't matter what area or apsect of your golf game that you are looking to improve, whether it's learning to master your golf putting, sharpening up your short game, building a better mental approach, improving your bunker play or developing a more consistenr overall golf swing, you will find the answers here, amongst these great authors below.
So why not start fulfilling your full potential and taking your golfing performance to the next level by learning the proper skills and techniques, and special tricks of the trade, that are on offer, from the very best in the business!

Ben Hogan Books On Golf

Ben Hogan Books on Golf

If you want to improve your golf swing and learn the secret skills and techniques from the very best, then you will want to get your hands on some of the best golf books by Ben Hogan. Born in Stephenville in 1912, Hogan is not only recognized for his competitive nature, but also for his exceptional ball striking abilities. The Hogan Swing is still considered to be one of the greatest golf swings ever!

Golf Books by Ben Hogan

Dave Pelz Books On Golf

Dave Pelz Books on Golf

Dave Pelz is highly respected amongst his peers and is regarded as one of golf's foremost authorities on the short game and putting. He has dedicated his life to helping golfers to lower their handicaps by improving their short game. His unique analytical approach has helped improve the short game performance of some of the greatest golfers, including Phil Mickelson, Vijay Singh and Mike Weir.

Golf Books by Dave Pelz

Dave Stockton Books On Golf

Dave Stockton Books on Golf

Dave Stockton was born in 1941 and attended the University of Southern California, before turning professional in 1964. During his years as an active PGA Tour player he had a reputation for being one of the best putters. With 10 PGA Tour victories to his name, including 2 Majors which both came in the PGA Championship in 1970 and 1976, Dave Stockton had his career year in 1974, when he won 3 times.

Golf Books by Dave Stockton

David Leadbetter Books On Golf

David Leadbetter Books on Golf

David Leadbetter has been coaching the very best golfers in the world for over three decades and is known for his innovative and creative teaching techniques. His pupils have amassed over a 12 Major Championships and 100 tournament victories. There is no other golf instructor that has had more of an impact on the game and he is quite rightly considered by most to be the Number 1 Golf Instructor in the World.

Golf Books by David Leadbetter

Dr Bob Rotella Books On Golf

Dr Bob Rotella Books on Golf

Bob Rotella is recognized as one of the top Sports psychologists in the world and his book 'Golf is not a Game of Perfect' is one of the three best selling golf books in history and is 'the best selling sports psychology book of all time'. Dr Bob Rotella is regarded as one of the top 10 teachers of the 20th century, and works somewhat as a mental coach to help players at all levels and abilities to improve their golf game.

Golf Books by Dr Bob Rotella

Gary Player Books On Golf

Gary Player Books on Golf

At the young age of 29 Player become only the 3rd man in history to win the Grand Slam Title. Only Gene Sarazen and Ben Hogan had achieved this distinction before, with Jack Nicklaus & Tiger Woods the only golfers since. Fondly known as 'The Black Knight', Player is one of the most successful international golfers ever, achieving worldwide acclaim only reserved for a handful of sporting greats.

Golf Books by Gary Player

Hank Haney Books On Golf

Hank Haney Books on Golf

Hank Haney has taught over 200 touring pro's from the PGA, LPGA, Champions, European, Japanese, Australian, and Asian Tours, and his philosophy is clear: "My philosophy as a teacher is to teach my students to become their own best teacher by getting them to understand the flight of the golf ball and how it relates to the swing, with emphasis on swinging the golf club on their own correct swing plane".

Golf Books by Hank Haney

Harvey Penick Books On Golf

Harvey Penick Books on Golf

Harvey Penick was born in 1904 and passed away in 1995. His life in golf started at the age of eight, when he first began caddying at the Austin Country Club in Texas and became head pro at the age of 18. Penick then spent the next seventy years enlightening members of that club with his unique insights into golf and life, as well as coaching World Golf Hall Of Fame greats such as Tom Kite and Ben Crenshaw.

Golf Books by Harvey Penick

John Jacobs Books On Golf

John Jacobs Books on Golf

Although a fine Tour player in his own right, John Jacobs soon realized that his real strengths lay within his teaching abilities and soon became one of the most sought after coaches throughout Europe and the US. His practical approach to teaching, words of wisdom and excellent golf instructional books have helped countless golfers over the years, to have more fun and improve their golf performance.

Golf Books by John Jacobs

Phil Mickelson Books On Golf

Phil Mickelson Books on Golf

Phil Mickelson turned pro in 1992 and is recognized for his exceptional skills and talents around the green, earning him the reputation amongst the golfing world as having one of the greatest short games ever seen. There are some wonderful Phil Mickelson golf books available, but if you are looking to improve your short game, then his 'Secrets Of The Short Game' golf book is an absolute must have!

Golf Books by Phil Mickelson

Stan Utley Books On Golf

Stan Utley Books on Golf

Recognized as one of the most sought after short game instructors in the business, Stan Utley has helped improve the short games of some of the best golfers in the world, including the likes of Sergio Garcia, Jay Haas & Darren Clarke. Ranked no.6 according to Golf Digest's 'America's 50 Greatest Teachers', Stan Utley takes a completely different approach to teaching the short game and putting.

Golf Books by Stan Utley

Todd Sones Books On Golf

Todd Sones Books on Golf

Since 1995 until present, Todd Sones had been recognized by Golf Magazine as one of the top 100 Golf Instructors in America, as well as writing instructional articles for Golf Magazine, Golf Digest and appearing live on Golf Channels Golf Academy, he has also published several excellent golf instructional books, that will certainly help you to improve your golf handicap and start lowering your scores.

Golf Books by Todd Sones

The Simple Golf Swing


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