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David Leadbetter Golf Books - Master Your Game With The No.1 Golf Instructor In The World!

Leadbetter has been coaching the very best golfers in the world for over 3 decades and is known for his innovative and creative teaching techniques. His pupils have amassed over a 12 Major Championships and 100 tournament victories worldwide.

There is no other golf instructor that's had more of an impact on the game. As well as a Professional Golfers Association Master Professional, Golf Channel Instruction Editor and Golf Digest Teaching Pro, Leadbetter is also author of 7 excellent books. David Leadbetter is quite rightly considered by most to be the Number 1 Golf Instructor in the world, and his books alone have helped to improve the golfing performance of countless players.

He has also created a number of effective golf training aids, several golf instructional DVD's, and written and co-produced over forty television programs. His products and services span the entire globe, with 28 full-time academies strategically placed in 13 different countries, that are helping golfers of all abilities to play better golf, shoot lower scores and have more fun. For more info on the very best David Leadbetter Books see below.

100% Golf by David Leadbetter Review

100% Golf by David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter 100% Golf is a wonderful compilation of all of the lifetime teachings, theories, tips and drills, learned by one of the games most successful instructors. Like few others, he has an excellent way of explaining some of the more complex swing mechanics and golf fundamentals.

David Leadbetter 100% Golf covers every aspect of the game, from setup to mental toughness and is written in an easy to digest language. The lessons you learn from this fantastic golf instruction book will certainly help you to develop and improve your golfing performance and become a better player!

David Leadbetter's 100% Golf Review

Faults and Fixes by David Leadbetter Review

Faults & Fixes by David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter's Faults and Fixes is an excellent instructional book that covers 80 of the most common problem areas in the game, then shows you how to cure them with specifically designed drills & exercises and is packed full of wonderfully illustrated photos to help you visualize his teachings.

This book is perfectly laid out, with the 'fault' outlined on the left hand page and the 'fix' explained clearly on the right. Unless you have no issues within your game, David Leadbetter's Faults and Fixes will prove to be an excellent investment and one that will help to solve your problems quickly and easily.

David Leadbetter's Faults and Fixes Review

Positive Practice by David Leadbetter Review

Positive Practice by David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter's Positive Practice will reinforce the importance of proper preparation off of the course, with the right kind of focus, planning, discipline and dedication that is required to improve. Most of us love to put the hours in on the golf course, but have little time for, or inclination to practice off of it.

David Leadbetter fully covers what he believes to be the three essential parts to a golfer's preparation. With imaginary drills and visual images Leadbetter's Positive Practice shows you how and teaches you why your pre-match warm up, technical workout and mental focusing are key areas to your success.

David Leadbetter's Positive Practice Review

Quick Tips by David Leadbetter Review

Quick Tips by David Leadbetter

Leadbetter's Quick Tips reveals invaluable tips that he has learned from his 3 decades worth of experience with the best golfers in the world. So whether you're looking to hit longer drives, improve consistency, hit more accurate irons shots or just play with more confidence, Leadbetter has the answers.

Leadbetter's Quick Tips is another essential golf instructional book from the no. 1 Golf Instructor in the world, and with clearly presented photographs and illustrations throughout, this book is a must have for any golfer looking to improve their performance and get more fun out of their game.

David Leadbetter's Quick Tips Review

The Fundamentals of Hogan by David Leadbetter Review

The Fundamentals of Hogan by David Leadbetter

'The Fundamentals Of Hogan' is a modern day version of the original and famous Ben Hogan Book - '5 Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals Of Golf', it contains Leadbetter's expert analysis and contemporary views, but with the first part of each section summarizing Ben Hogan's original messages.

Leadbetter then explains and gives his solutions to the potential problems that Hogan's techniques may pose for average golfers. With all the improvements in club design and modern day technology, this book offers you the best of Hogan's theories, with his own expert knowledge of the game today!

David Leadbetter's The Fundamentals of Hogan

The Golf Swing by David Leadbetter Review

The Golf Swing by David Leadbetter

David Leadbetter's classic book 'The Golf Swing' is the most revolutionary golf instruction book since Hogan's 'Modern Fundamentals' and discloses the swing secrets that transformed the game of the Open & Masters champion Nick Faldo and brings solid ball striking within reach of any dedicated golfer.

With 250 individual color illustrations helping to bring the text to life, this David Leadbetter book shows you how to develop a solid and repetitive swing in a step-by-step manner. As Nick Faldo says in his foreword, "What this book will give you is the chance to find out how good you really are."

David Leadbetter's The Golf Swing

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