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Harvey Penick Golf Books - Unique Insights and Lessons From One Of The Game Greatest Coahces!

Harvey Penick was born October 23, 1904 and passed away April 2 1995. His life in golf started at the age of eight, when he first began caddying at the Austin Country Club in Texas and becoming head professional after graduating at the age of 18.

He then spent the next seventy plus years enlightening the members of that club with his unique insights into golf and life, as well as coaching World Golf Hall Of Fame greats such as Tom Kite, Ben Crenshaw, Mickey Wright and Kathy Whitworth. Considered a gentle, modest & unassuming man, Harvey Penick always coached his pupils in a positive manner, enabling them to gain confidence and allowing them to retain their individuality.

There was no Harvey Penick mold stamping out uniform swings. He avoided negatives and technicalities and taught with unfailing courtesy and generosity. The lesser skilled were equally as important to him as the notables he helped. Ever so carefully, he chose the words he used in teaching.

He did this for more than 70 years, saying “When I quit learning, I’ll quit teaching” and he never quit teaching until the day he died. Finally, in the 90’s the whole world learned about this humble Texas golf instructor. In collaboration with Austin writer, Bud Shrake, Harvey authorized four golf instruction books, with millions of copies sold.

Little Red Book by Harvey Penick Review

Harvey Penick's Little Red Book

Harvey Penick is one of the most respected teachers the game has ever seen and his first book 'Harvey Penick's Little Red Book' is acknowledged for being the highest selling sports book of all time and includes testimonials from Tom Kite, Ben Crenshaw and Byron Nelson.

When reading Harvey Penick's 'Little Red Book' you can't fail to notice how much he loves the game and more importantly, loves teaching. You can see he gets as much pleasure from watching a beginner get the ball airborne for the first time than he does from seeing one of his students win the U.S. Open.

Harvey Penick's Little Red Book Review

And If You Play Golf, You're My Friend by Harvey Penick Review

And If You Play Golf, You're My Friend

'And If You Play Golf, You're My Friend' takes up from where 'Penick's Little Red Book' left off, providing you with another dose of Penick's singular brand of wit and wisdom, and is full of the simple, fun and easy to understand lessons on golf, that only Harvey Penick is known and admired for.

If simply improving your golf swing is all that matters to you, then you will probably want to get your hands on Ben Hogan's 'Modern Fundamentals', but if you want to learn about the other side of golf, like sportsmanship, friendship & improving your life, then this book should be in your collection!

Harvey Penick's And If You Play Golf, You're My Friend Review

The Game For A Lifetime by Harvey Penick Review

The Game For A Lifetime by Harvey Penick

'The Game for a Lifetime' is filled not so much with swing tips and stance aids but with a timeless philosophy that seeks to improve your play by improving how you feel about your game, and restates the fact that golf is primarily a mental game and good shots are envisioned before they are made.

Penick has no hard-and-fast rules. On many occasions in this collection of fantastic anecdotes and bits of memorable advice, he tells of encountering a beginner with unorthodox techniques who nonetheless posted great scores and advises such players never to let anyone fiddle with their games.

Harvey Penick's The Game For A Lifetime Review

For All Who Love The Game by Harvey Penick Review

For All Who Love The Game by Harvey Penick

Unlike many other teachers of the game, Harvey Penick has worked with, helped develop and learned from as many women champions as men! In this excellent book 'For All Who Love The Game' he shares the lessons he has learned from all of those women he has watched in the last seven decades.

'For All Who Love The Game' describes techniques that help women gain greater power, discusses the psychological hurdles that every golfer must overcome to improve their performance, and gives tips for developing the parts of the game where women can and should outplay their male partners.

Harvey Penick's For All Who Love The Game Review

The Wisdom Of Harvey Penick Review

The Wisdom Of Harvey Penick

When the most beloved teacher in all of golf passed away back in 1995, his close friend and collaborator Bud Shrake decided to provide his loyal and worldwide following with a compilation of Harvey Penick's very best work during his life in golf and called it 'The Wisdom Of Harvey Penick'

This lasting treasure includes the very best pointers, portraits and parables from one of the worlds greatest ever coaches, and have been gathered by Bud Shrake from all four of Penick's previous best selling books, including his very first and most famous golf book 'Harvey Penick's Little Red Book'.

The Wisdom Of Harvey Penick Review

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Harvey Penick Golf Books:
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