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Top 5 Golf Putting Instruction Books!

With literally hundreds of golf putting instructional books out there to choose from, it can be a really tough task trying to find the right one that is actually going to seriosuly help you to make a difference to your golf putting performance, so you can start to reduce your handicap and lower your scores.

To save you some time, i have picked out what i and many others would consider to be the top 5 golf putting instructional books currently available. So why not have a look at my golf putting book reviews below to see if you feel any of them could help you achieve more success on the putting greens.

All of the golfing authors below are highly respected experts, coaches and players in their field and offer you some of the most outstanding advice and insights into the world of putting, that will surely provide you with the knowledge and inspiration to help you to sink more putts when out on the course!

Putting Out of Your Mind by Dr Bob Rotella - Best Golf Putting Books

No. 1 - Putting Out of Your Mind by Dr Bob Rotella

Dr Bob Rotella's easy to understand messages in 'Putting Out Of Your Mind' will help you create a whole new positive attitude towards your golf putting. His key message is: 'take your satisfaction not from whether the putt drops but from whether you got yourself in the right frame of mind to hit the putt'.

Dr Bob Rotella believes that one of the reasons for poor putting is because many golfers allow the negative effects of the conscious mind to have too much of an influence. 'Putting Out of your Mind' will help you to understand how to control your mental processes and eliminate those negative influences.

Dr Bob Rotella's Putting Out of Your Mind

Putting Bible by Dave Pelz - Best Golf Putting Books

No. 2 - Putting Bible by Dave Pelz

'Putting Bible' is another masterpiece from golf's most highly qualified and respected experts on the short game, Dave Pelz, and is his second book in a four-book series called 'Dave Pelz Scoring Game Series', and is probably one of the most fully comprehensive guides to golf putting ever created.

Dave Pelz's 'Putting Bible' literally covers everything that you could possibly need to know about the putting game, from ways to improve your artistic senses with stability, rhythm, feel, touch and reading putting greens to the more technical issues like, stroke mechanics and methods of golf putting.

Dave Pelz's Putting Bible

Lights Out Putting by Todd Sones - Best Golf Putting Books

No. 3 - Lights Out Putting by Todd Sones

Todd Sones understands that there is a lot more to being a great putter than just having a good putting stroke! In 'Lights Out Putting', Todd Sones enlightens us with a mind, body and soul approach to the hardest element in golf to master, 'the putting game'!

In it Todd Sones reveals and shares all of his secrets to achieving success on the greens. Discussing not just the proper fundamentals of putting, such as applying the correct putting setup, reading putting greens, pre-stroke routine, but also covers tactics, drills and mindset required to become a great putter.

Todd Sones Lights Out Putting

Putt To Win by Dave Stockton - Best Golf Putting Books

No. 4 - Putt To Win by Dave Stockton

If you are lacking a bit of confidence in your putting, then Dave Stockton's 'Putt To Win' is a must have. By teaching you the proper putting techniques and clearly explaining why they work, he will help to take the anxiety out of your golf putting and show you how to be more positive and have more fun.

As well as teaching you how to become more positive and develop your touch & feel on the greens, 'Putt To Win' contains some excellent suggestions on how to read putting greens and offers some effective and practical drills and techniques that you can use to help master your putting performance.

Dave Stockton's Putt To Win

The Art of Putting by Stan Utley - Best Golf Putting Books

No. 5 - The Art of Putting by Stan Utley

Stan Utley's 'The Art of Putting' provides you with a unique approach to putting that will benefit players of all levels and moves away from the tense, mechanical systems that are all to common today. His simple and easy to follow techniques are aimed at putting the feel back into the putting stroke.

Focusing on the proper putting fundamentals such as grip, posture, alignment and golf swing, the straight forward method in 'The Art of Putting' shows you how to use your natural motion to provide a repeatable and consistent stroke that will improve your overall golf putting performance and experience.

Stan Utley's The Art of Putting

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Top 5 Golf Putting Books:
>  Putting Out of Your Mind
Putting Bible by Dave Pelz
Lights Out Putting by Todd Sones
Putt To Win by Dave Stockton
The Art of Putting by Stan Utley

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Dave Pelz
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Stan Utley
Todd Sones

Golf Books by Category:
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The Simple Golf Swing EBook

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