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Golf Putting Setup - The Right Golf Putting Grip

The first stage of the golf putting setup is to assume a comfortable and natural putting grip. There are 2 factors you need to consider with regards to the golf putting grip.

Selecting a Putting Grip:

The first hurdle to get over is 'selecting a golf putting grip' that feels comfortable to you. There are lots of different styles to choose from and variations on those styles, so it's down to you to find the one that feels right.

Most Common Golf Putting Grip:

One of the most common and popular golf putting grips is:

The Reverse Overlap -
place both hands on the putter next to each other (left hand above) with the thumbs on top of the grip pointing downwards. Then wrap the index finger of the left hand so it is covering the fingers of the right hand, this ensures that they are connected and can work as one unit.

For more details on the most common golf putting grips, have a look at my article on Golf Putting Grips (it will open up in a new window so you won't lose your place!)

Golf Putting Grip Pressure:

The second hurdle is grip pressure, again this comes down to personal preference, just make sure that whatever choice you make, whether you feel more comfortable gripping it firmly or lightly, you 'keep it constant' throughout the stroke. Changing your grip pressure throughout the stroke is a killer!!

5 Key Golf Putting Setup Fundamentals:

1.  Golf Putting Grip
2.  Correct Ball Position
3.  Putter Position
4.  Correct Eye Line
5.  Putting Posture

If you are serious about improving your golf putting performance then i would highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of
'Breakthrough Putting Secrets'  a fantastic and fully comprehensive golf putting ebook by Scott Myers 
it will transform your golf putting performance for good!

Golf Putting Instruction, Tips & Recommendations:

Top 3 Golf Putting Instruction Books
Find out how you can improve you putting with the best selling golf putting instructional books and, with my review of the Top 3 golf putting books available today!

Top 3 Golf Putting Instruction EBooks Available
Learn how you can master your golf putting performance, with my review of the Top 3 golf putting Ebooks available online.

Best Golf Putting Instruction DVD
PurePoint Golf has a magnificent collection of golf instructional DVD's and their golf putting DVD will certainly take your golf putting perfoemance to the next level

5 Fundamental Keys To The Golf Putting Setup!

Continue to improve your golf putting by following my golf putting setup instruction. Find out what the 5 key fundamentals are to the golf putting setup.

Top 5 Secrets To Reading Putting Greens!
One of the hardest skills in golf is learning how to read putting greens. Take another step closer to mastering your putting by learning the 5 secrets to reading putting greens.

Golf Putting Drills - To Help Improve Your Putting
The best way to improve you golf putting is to practice! Use my golf putting drills for distance and direction control to help you take you putting performance to another level.

Golf Putting Yips - What Are The Causes?
If you are suffering from golf putting yips then you have my deepest sympathy. Start curing them today, by finding out what the causes to golf putting yips are.

Suggestions To Help Cure Your Putting Yips!
The agony and frustration of golf putting yips is clear to see, and can easily destroy your enjoyment of the game! Maybe my suggestions will help cure your golf putting yips for good.

My Thoughts On Choosing A Golf Putter!
Ever struggled to work out whats important when choosing a putter? Find out what my thoughts are on How to Choose a Golf Putter.

What Are The 7 Most Common Golf Putting Grips?
When it comes to golf putting grips, there are probably more variations in style to choose from than in any other area of golf. Find out what the 7 most common golf putting grips are.

PurePoint Golf Guaranteed to Lower Your Score
Top 3 Golf Putting Books
Dr Bob Rotella Putting Out Of Your Mind Review Photo
Improve your putting with one of the Top 3 Golf Putting Instruction Books Available!

Top 3 Golf Putting EBooks
Improve Your Golf Putting Image
Master your Golf Putting Performance with one of the Top 3 Golf Putting EBooks

Best Golf Putting DVD
Golf Putting Instruction & Tips Image
Take your golf putting game to the next level with the Best Golf Putting DVD by PurePoint Golf

Indoor Golf Putting Mats
Indoor Golf Putting Mats Image
Tranform your golf putting performance with one of these  Indoor Golf Putting Mats

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