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PurePoint Golf Guaranteed to Lower Your Score

PurePoint Golf Training Aids

Improve All Areas Of Your Golf Game With PurePoint Golf's Training Aids:

Golf Metronome Pro Golf Training Aid:

The Golf Metronome Pro training aid will help you fix 2 of the most crucial elements in a golf swing - Timing and Tempo. This lightweight and convenient easy to use device, which can be clipped onto your hat or shirt will help you to find your own natural tempo through audible beeps. Once you have found the tempo that suits you, you will soon see your timing will dramatically improve!

With adjustable patterns of between 1 to 5 beats, you can use it to improve your putting, chipping and full swing. I would certainly recommend the Golf Metronome Pro training aid if you're looking to develop a smooth, consistent and instinctive golf swing.
Metronome Pro Golf Training Aid Image

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Mentor Mirror Golf Training Aid:

If golf putting is part of your game that you struggle with, then the Mentor Mirror golf training aid from PurePoint golf could be just the answer you are looking for. It automatically guides you to the proper putting setup, correct shoulder alignment and right swing path.

You just place the Mentor Mirror on the floor or the green and set a ball in the cutout at the end of the mirror. With your eyes directly over the target line and your putter face perfectly square, you stroke the ball... and bingo! a perfect putt every time. The Mirror works as a guide for your putter's path on the backswing and through stroke.
Mentor Mirror Golf Training Aid Image

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PowerLeg Strap Golf Training Aid:

Without a proper body turn you will always struggle to generate the power required to hit the golf ball with any kind of distance. The PowerLeg Strap golf training aid really forces your upper body into a good turn, by locking you into the correct position.

The PowerLeg Strap basically trains you to keep your right knee flexed during the backswing so your upper body turns properly. It will also help to eliminate any swaying, foot sliding or movement off of the ball during your golf swing. If you are looking for that extra bit of distance off the tee, then i would highly recommend getting your hands on this great golf training aid.

PowerLeg Strap Golf Training Aid Image
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Putting Connection Golf Training Aid:

The putting connection golf training aid has been designed to fix the biggest problem in golf putting, which is keeping the putter on a straight line on the backswing and the downswing. The putting connection forces the right shoulder to tilt in the backswing and the left shoulder to tilt up in the follow through.

In other words, the putting connection puts you in the putting stroke favored by the PGA Tour. Better still, it trains you to automatically adopt this stroke every time you putt. By forcing your putting stroke into this pattern, you will be using your big muscles, your shoulders, back and chest and not just the wrists, which will give you a more consistent and controlled putting action.
Putting Connection Golf Training Aid Image

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Swingyde Golf Training Aid:

The Swingyde golf training aid has been designed to fix any problems you have with your backswing, by putting you in the perfect position to hit longer and straighter golf shots. It works by guiding your arms into the correct backswing position so you hit the back of the ball squarely every time.

Not only will the Swingyde help you with a perfect swing plane, it helps correct club face alignment. All it takes is a simple turn to the left or right to take care of your hooks ore slices. The Swingyde golf training aid gives you the feel of proper motion so you know you're doing everything correctly.
Swingyde Golf Training Aid Image

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SetRight Golf Training Aid:

Its amazing how many golfers send the ball off in the wrong direction simply because they have not taken the time to ensure their alignment is correct. The SetRight golf training aid is specifically designed to help get your foot and ball placement correct so your alignment is right for every shot you make.

The SetRight training aid is simple to use, all you need to do is attach a couple of clubs at right angles to each other by using the clips provided. Then you point one of the clubs towards the target and place the ball where the other one is facing. This will ensure that your ball is positioned perfectly and your feet are aligned correctly, every time. The SetRight training aid is also conveniently small enough to fit in your pocket. 
Set Right Golf Training Aid Image

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Swing Key Golf Training Aid:

No matter how good your swing is, your shots will always hook or slice if your clubface isn't squared at impact. The Swing Key golf training aid as been designed to make sure that your wrists (which control the angle of your club head) are held in the correct position throughout your entire swing.

As well as straightening out your hooks or slices by helping the wrists to remain flat at the top of the backswing (which encourages straight ball flight), it will also help you to achieve correct right hand release and so put a stop to those fat and thin shots. The Swing Key is completely adjustable so will fit either hand and can be used to feel solid impact with your chips and putts as well as your full swing. 

Swing Key Golf Training Aid Image

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