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Exotic Golf Putters - Ideal Personalized Golf Gift

Beautifully Handcrafted Exotic Golf Putters!

Whether your are looking to acknowledge a loyal member of staff or put a smile on a loved ones face, these beautiful Exotic Golf Putters make for the perfect golfing gift!

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Buy The Perfect Personalized Golf Gift

Whether you are looking to acknowledge and recognize loyal members of your staff or put a smile on a loved ones face, these beautifully hand crafted wooden Exotic Golf Putters are the perfect Golf Gift. Each exotic golf putter is made out of the finest exotic hardwoods from around the world, so that your gift will last.

These gorgeous exotic putters have deep rich tones, awesome lines and have exceptional feel on the greens. Make no mistake they are not made from cherry, walnut, oak, pine, or maple. They only use the most exotic and rare hardwoods available.

Tree Line Exotic Putters make the most unique golf gift. Don't settle for a plain old gift, get them a personalized Tree Line and you will always be remembered for the best golf gift ever!

Bubinga Blade Exotic Golf Putters:
This West African hardwood Exotic Golf Putter is also known as African Rosewood. Color varies from red to brown or violet, with streaks or lines of dark purple. Hard and heavy, with somewhat of a wavy grain. This wood is the hardest exotic wood they've ever worked with. Theye are always breaking router blades and saw teeth with this wood.

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Ebony Blade Exotic Golf Putters:
Ebony is very expensive and rare, making it one of the most exotic woods on the planet. Jet-black in color, with a slight possibility of dark brown streaks. This African wood is very heavy, very hard, and very expensive, making it our most expensive Exotic Putter blade model. This is the most exclusive wood we sell! It's also a putting machine!

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Cocobolo Mallet Exotic Putters:
This Exotic Golf Putter is called, "Double Dot" because it has 2 distinct inlay racing striped lines, plus 2 circles on the top. It is weighted, to give the golfer ultimate control and balance, making it easy for the golfer to hit a straight solid putt. This mallet style Exotic Golf Putter easily has more than twice the wood of the blade. 

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