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Callaway's Odyssey Golf Putter Reviews

If you are looking to buy a new golf putter and want to benefit from the latest cutting edge technology and designs, then you don't need to look much further than purchasing an Odyssey Golf Putter!

As Market leaders, Odyssey offer the very best golf putters in the game, and with one of the largest selections of tour proven golf putters to choose from, you should certainly have no problems finding an Odyssey golf putter to perfectly match your putting style.

Used by some of the greatest players on the planet to win some of the most prestigious golf tournaments, you know that you will be in the very best of company when you pull that Odyssey Putter out of the bag! Check below for more info and odyssey putter reviews.

Odyssey Putter Reviews - New DART Putter Designs
New Odyssey DART Golf Putters

Callaway's New Odyssey 2011 DART Putters have finally arrived and offer the very latest in ground breaking technology. The main design enhancement comes in the form of a dart-like pattern that is positioned on top of the Odyssey DART golf putters head and provides you with the perfect alignment and ball positioning aid.

This ensures that the putter face is square to the target line and is centralized at address. DART stands for Direction and Realignment Technology and is based on extensive research by Odyssey into eye-brain relationships, including the Gestalt Effect, which observes the form-generating capabilities of the senses.

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Odyssey Putter Reviews - Limited Edition Designs
Odyssey Limited Edition Golf Putters

As the No.1 brand of Putter on Tour, Odyssey continue to lead the way in putter manufature and have recently released 3 Limited Edition Blade Putters. All of these stunning looking putters have their own unique designs and utilize the very latest in cutting edge design and technology, that you would expect from Callaway Golf.

These limited edition models include the PT-82 Putter Design which is a replica of Phil Mickelson's heel shafted blade that helped him win the 2010 Masters. The Ti-Hot #1 Putter Design which is a rounded heel-toe weighted blade with a full-shaft offset, and the scoop-back Ti-Hot #2 blade Putter Design with half-shaft of offset.

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Odyssey Putter Reviews - Backstryke Putter Designs
Odyssey Backstryke Golf Putters

Odyssey's Backstryke Putters offer you a revolutionary and unique design, where the shaft enters a central position at the back of the putter head. This not only allows you to clearly see if the face is square to your target, but also gives you a completely unimpeeded view of the visual alignment aids so you can line up your putts perfectly.

The shaft position encourages you to adopt a forward press position with your hands without de-lofting the putter face, which promotes an upward stroke into the ball, generating more topspin and a turer roll. It also helps to create a stable, straight line with your leading arm, so your wrists are less likely to break down during the stroke.

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Odyssey Putter Reviews - Black Series Tour Designs
Odyssey Black Series Tour Golf Putters

The Black Series Tour Putters feature Advanced Roll Technology, which is achieved through multi-material construction. A urethane dampening layer is subtly placed between the 1025 carbon steel head and the independently milled tungsten flange. This results in a lower, deeper center of gravity for better, quicker and truer roll.

The Tour Design Milled Face has a precise, deep pattern that generates consistent impact performance for better feel, distance control and smooth roll. These putters also feature the new Tour inspired high-tech Deep Black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Finish producing a durable putter that has a glare-free look at address.

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Odyssey Putter Reviews - White Ice Putter Designs
Odyssey White Ice Golf Putters

The new White Ice Putters from Odyssey combine Tour trusted shapes with a new look and better feel. The new White Ice Insert is their best feeling, multi-layer insert to date. Developed after extensive feedback from players on Tour, their engineers have enhanced the sound, responsiveness and consistency of the insert.

The face surface has been roughened to enhance the sound at impact with softer golf balls. The rough texture also helps increase friction between the ball and the insert to promote forward roll. Coupled with a new Dark Nickel finish, the new White Ice golf putters combine Tour-proven looks with Tour-inspired feel.

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Odyssey Putter Reviews - Black Series Putter Designs
Odyssey Black Series Golf Putters

The Odyssey Black Series Golf Putters have been specifically designed for golfers who are seeking elite performance in their putting. Instead of creating a simple steel milled putter, Odyssey have created the Black Series Putters using a multi-material construction that integrates 1025 carbon steel body with a weighted tungsten flange.

The main secret to the Black Series crisp performance is in the efficient weight distribution, which is transferred from the hogged-out hosel and upper areas of the putter head to the heavier tungsten flange, resulting in a rare combination of beauty, technology, and performance, with a low, deep center of gravity to promote true roll.

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Odyssey Putter Reviews - Black Series I Putter Designs
Odyssey Black Series i Golf Putters

The Black Series i Putters maintain the same multi-material construction as the original Black Series Putters, with a 1025 carbon steel body and a weighted tungsten flange, but now utilize a new multi-layer Tour insert that provides premium feel and responsiveness, and are ideal for golfers who demand the very best in performance.

The carbon steel body and tungsten flange contribute to the putter's performance by creating a low, deep center of gravity that promotes a true roll. As a result, you can feel confident whether you're stepping over a flat 10 footer or a twisting 40 footer. Odyssey have also optimized the head weight in the Black Series i Putters.

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Odyssey Putter Reviews - White Hot Tour Putter Designs
Odyssey White Hot Tour Golf Putters

Tour professionals have every element of their putters customized to their match their exact preferences, including the shape, insert, head weight, and shaft. Now for the first time, golfers can feel like a pro with the new Odyssey White Hot Tour Putters, that fuse all of the same design elements into an amateur putter model.

These cutting edge White Hot Tour Putters sport a series of unique weight ports in the sole, allowing Odyssey engineers to precisely control the putter head weight and match it to the specific shaft length. The result is impeccable consistency, control and performance, letting you attack putts more positively and with greater confidence.
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Odyssey Putter Reviews - White Hot XG Putter Designs
Odyssey White Hot XG Golf Putters

The new Odyssey White Hot XG Putters from Callaway are constructed from a soft elastomer core. These highly resilient golf putters offer exceptional feel and get the ball rolling quickly on the putting greens to your intended target. The thin, outer striking surface is infused with urethane, providing a fine-tuned responsiveness.

This unique combination of features allows weight to be shifted to the perimeter of the head of the blade putter for a high MOI, creating even better forgiveness and truer roll. These stainless steel odyssey golf putters also have a texture impact zone to enhance feel and are finished off with a durable stain polish for years of carefree play.

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Odyssey Putter Reviews - Womens Divine Putter Designs
Womens Odyssey Divine Line Golf Putters

The Divine Line Putter Series has been specifically designed for the women's game and style, and utilize Odyssey's most sophisticated and efficient technologies. With a shorter shaft length and increased head weight to create an optimal centre of gravity, you will enjoy the benefits of improved consistency, control and enhanced feel.

Also featuring Odyssey's multilayer White Hot XG insert, which includes an elastomer core to enhance the feel, along with a thin firm striking surface that's infused with urethane to create fine-tuned responsiveness. This not only boosts feedback and distance control, but creates a higher moment of inertia (MOI) for better stability.

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