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Golf Putting Setup - Correct Ball Position

Finding out where the golf ball should be positioned in relation to your stance is the first thing that you want to achieve when learning your putting setup. To do this you need to 'identify a ball position that feels comfortable' to you and works with your golf putting style. There's no correct ball position, so it boils down to personal preference in the end.

Generally speaking though, you will probably see best results from positioning the ball somewhere between the inside of your left foot and the center of your stance. I tend to have my ball position an inch or two inside my left foot, as this is where it feels comfortable for me!

To find your correct ball position for you, spend some time on down on your local putting green or at home with an indoor golf putting mat to practice different positions, until you find the one that you are comfortable with.

What Impact Does Ball Position Have?

Finding the correct ball position is vital to your golf putting setup, because it will have a direct impact on how true your putts will roll on the green and the direction in which the golf ball will travel.

How True Your Golf Putts Roll:

Although it's not obvious to the eye, all putter heads have a slight angled loft to them. This angled loft is there to optimize the balls roll on the green. If altered it can have a serious affect the outcome of the golf balls journey. Ideally you want the ball position to be just ahead of the lowest point of your putting stroke, at the point when the putter is starting to climb back up off the ground.

Hitting the golf ball before or after this point will make it bounce or jump up into the air just after impact, as the loft of the putter head has been changed, and this will lead to inconsistent ball roll. So have a few practice putting strokes and try and identify where this point is in your putting stroke!

How Ball Position Impacts Direction:

The ball position has a direct influence over your shoulder line. For consistent putting, your sho
ulder line needs to be parallel to the target line (imaginary line running from the target through the golf ball).

Having the ball position too far back in your stance will cause you to close your shoulders and you will find that you end up with swinging the putter to much on an inside to outside swing path, which will cause you to push alot of your putts.

Having the ball position too far forward in your stance will cause you to open your shoulders and you will find that you end up with swinging the putter to much on an outside to inside swing path, which will cause you to pull a lot of your putts.

So to identify the correct ball position for you, find the lowest point in your putting stroke and make sure that your shoulder line is parallel to the target line.

5 Key Golf Putting Setup Fundamentals:

1.  Golf Putting Grip
2.  Correct Ball Position
3.  Putter Position
4.  Correct Eye Line
5.  Putting Posture

If you are serious about improving your golf putting performance then i would highly recommend getting your hands on a copy of
'Breakthrough Putting Secrets'  a fantastic and fully comprehensive golf putting ebook by Scott Myers 
it will transform your golf putting performance for good!

Golf Putting Instruction, Tips & Recommendations:

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PurePoint Golf Guaranteed to Lower Your Score
Top 3 Golf Putting Books
Dr Bob Rotella Putting Out Of Your Mind Review Photo
Improve your putting with one of the Top 3 Golf Putting Instruction Books Available!

Top 3 Golf Putting EBooks
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Master your Golf Putting Performance with one of the Top 3 Golf Putting EBooks

Best Golf Putting DVD
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Take your golf putting game to the next level with the Best Golf Putting DVD by PurePoint Golf

Indoor Golf Putting Mats
Indoor Golf Putting Mats Image
Tranform your golf putting performance with one of these  Indoor Golf Putting Mats

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