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Golf Putting Setup - Five Key Fundamentals!

If you haven't found a reliable golf putting setup yet, then your success on the greens is going to be extremely limited. Your golf putting setup is the foundation of your golf putting game and is a fundamental requirement to enabling you to build an efficient golf putting stroke.

It would be wrong of me to suggest there is one perfect golf putting setup that is suitable for all players, because there are many successful golf putters out there that have their own unique styles and techniques that enable them to sink more putts and work extremely well for them!

However, there are some basic fundamentals that all great golf putters share in common. So if you are interested in improving you golf putting consistency and want to start holing more putts on the greens, then find out what the 5 key fundamentals are to the golf putting setup below.

Golf Putting Grip  -  There are many different golf putting grips to choose from, so your first task is to find one the feels comfortable. If you already have a putting grip that you are happy with, then i would suggest you stick with it. If not, you may want to try out the reverse overlap putting grip, as this is on of the most common.

The second hurdle is grip pressure, again this comes down to personal preference, just make sure that whatever choice you make, whether you feel more comfortable gripping it firmly or lightly, you keep it constant throughout your golf putting stroke. Changing grip pressure during your putting stroke leads to tension and is a killer!!

Correct Ball Position  -  Positioning the golf ball correctly in you putting setup is vital, as it will have a direct impact on how true your putts will roll on the green. Although not obvious to the eye, golf putters are designed with a very slight loft to them, and this loft ensures that you get the best roll on the ball.

If the ball is positioned too far back in your stance, you will be de-lofting the putter face, which will tend to bounce the ball into the ground. If the ball position is too far forward, you will be adding more loft to the putter face, which will tend to make the ball jump in the air. Both scenarios create inconsistency in your putting performance.

The ideal position should be just ahead of the lowest point of your putting stroke, this position will normally be located a couple of inches inside your left heal. By taking a few slow motion strokes you'll soon be able to identify the correct ball position.

Position Of Putter  -  Ideally when you address the golf ball the putter should be as close to the ball as possible, with a square face and with the grip end of the putter pointing towards the middle of your body. This position will allow the natural loft of the putter to create a true roll on the ball.

If you prefer your hands to be a little bit further forward in your stance then you will need to adjust your ball position by moving it nearer to you left foot to make sure that you get that true roll we are looking for!

Eye Line Over The Ball  -  This one's not up for debate, your eye line should be directly overlooking the golf ball or just slightly behind it. This position gives you the best view of the target line, either side of this will distort your perception.

To check your eye line is in the correct position, place a ball between your eyes and let it drop, it should land on top of, or just behind the ball you are about to play. If your eye line is either side of the target line your perception of the correct line will be distorted. If inside you will tend to push putts and if outside you will tend to pull them.

Posture & Alignment  -  Feeling comfortable and balanced is the most important part of your putting posture, and you should be in a position where you are able to swing the golf putter freely and along a square line towards the target.

First you want to build a good solid foundation with your feet about shoulder width apart. This will help you to maintain balance and ensure that the lower part of your body remains still during your golf putting stroke.

Then flex your knees slightly, as this will also help you with your balance. If they are too rigid you will end up toppling over once you address the ball and too flexed will become uncomfortable. Then tilt your body forward from the waist at roughly a 45% angle, so that your eye line is directly over the ball position.

Next you should feel your weight on the balls of your feet and slightly favoring the left side of your body, this again is to do with balance and feel. Finally make sure that you are aligned correctly, your shoulders, hips, knees and feet should be lining up parallel to the target line.

If you can follow the above steps, you will create a great golf putting setup for yourself, and one that will give you an excellent foundation from which to build a consistent and reliable golf putting stroke.

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