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Golf Swing Instruction, Tips & Drills For Beginners!

The first and most important thing you should understand about the golf swing, is that there is no one perfect golf swing out there that is ideal and fits all golfers. The reason for this is because everyone is built differently, in terms of height, physical shape, strength, body flexibility, etc.

So a golf swing technique that works well for one person may not necessarily work for, or be preferred by another person. You just have to look at the top players on tour to clearly see that they all have slightly different golf swing styles, that they prefer or suit their bodily attributes.

Having said that, there are certain laws which govern the way the ball behaves when hit, which will determine the direction and distance it will travel, so having a good understanding of the golf ball flight laws is essential to correcting any golf swing faults that you may have.

There are also certain principles to a great golf swing, like your golf grip, alignment, setup, swing plane, just to name a few, which if understood and implemented into your golf game will give you a great foundation to build your own efficient and effective golf swing style. Take advantage of my FREE golf swing instruction, tips, drills and product reviews and recommendations below, and learn more about the golf ball flight laws and principles of a great golf swing, and take your golfing performance to the next level. 

The Simple Golf Swing - Claim FREE Setup Chapter!

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What 3 Factors Influence Golf Distance?
Increasing golf distance is a goal that the majority of players are looking to achieve these days! Find out what 3 key factors influence golfing distance below, and start working on improving your average golf driving distance today...

What 2 Factors Influence Golf Direction?
There are no secrets or mysteries to golf direction, it's down to simple geometry and physics as to why the ball will go to the left or right, straight or curve. There are 2 factors alone that influence the direction and shape the golf ball will take...

Golf Ball Flight Laws - 9 Basic Shot Patterns!
There are only 2 factors that influence the direction and shape that your golf shots will take, your path of swing and your clubface position! Path of Swing has 3 variables, it will either be: 1) Inside to Outside - ball direction starts right...

How Important Is A Pre Shot Routine?
A pre shot routine is really a structured series of tasks that you create for yourself before actually playing each golf shot. The length and quantity of these tasks will vary depending on personal styles and preferences, so you'll need to spend...

The Simple Golf Swing


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