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Golf Putting Drills - Direction Control!

If you want to have any form of consistent success on the golf putting greens then you will definitely need to work on, and understand how to control your golf putting direction. This golf putting drill below is not designed to teach you the art of reading putting greens, however it is going to teach you a method that you can practice, to ensure you understand and get a feeling for how to control your golf putting direction.

There are two fundamental elements that you need to address, 1) Delivering the putter on a line towards the target and 2) Deliver the putter with a square face (at right angles to the target line).

Sounds simple i know, but you would be amazed at the number of golfers who struggle to implement these basics on a consistent basis. Trust me, if you can get these two fundamental elements right on a regular basis then your golf putting game is going to improve beyond all recognition.

Step 1     Get hold of a of a piece of wood, preferably 2 x 4 and approximately 3 feet in length. Draw a line on top of the board, in the middle, so that it runs at right angles to the length of the board, use a bright marker pen (so that it is clearly visible). The line that you have just marked on the board is there for you to make sure that the putter face is square at address.

Step 2     Find a level area around one of the golf holes on the practice putting green and lay the board down so that the line on top of the board is approximately one foot from the hole, then without a golf ball, rest the heal of the putter head against the board so that it can ride back and through against the boards edge, this will guarantee that you are on the right path at impact, you will just to need to focus on returning the clubface square.

Step 3     If you are using a natural pendulum-type stroke, where there is no manipulation of the hands, then you will notice that the putter face will square throughout the entire putting stroke.

After you've had a few practice strokes and are getting a feel for it, place a golf ball opposite the line that you have marked on the board, in a position so that it will be in the middle of the putter head (the sweet spot) and use the same stroke that you used when the golf ball wasn't there.

If you have used the above golf putting drills correctly, i.e. made sure that the clubface is square to the marked line on the board and used the boards edge to guide the heal of the golf putter back and through..........then the golf ball WILL go into the hole!!!

Step 4     Once you have had some success from one foot, gradually move the board further away and practice this golf putting drill from 2 foot, then 3 foot and then 4 foot away. This golf putting drill will only be useful up to about 4 feet away, because the clubhead must naturally start moving to the inside on the backswing and inside on the follow through as the golf putting stroke gets longer.

Step 5     Once you have practiced this golf putting drill for a reasonable length of time, it's a good idea to step away from the board, close your eyes and have a few practice swings with no ball, this should help you to get the feeling of the stroke, and given time, it will stick in your mind.

Final Step     Go through the process again without the aid of the piece of wood, i.e. start from one foot away and gradually work your way up to 4 feet. Hopefully you will experience a similar amount of success.

Once you have practiced this golf putting drill several times, you should have a better understanding of how to control your putting direction. All you need to remember are the basic fundamentals of delivering the putter on a line to the target and delivering that putter on line with a square putter face. With enough practice, this golf putting drill will do wonders for you confidence when it comes to those short putts that we all dread so much!!

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