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Bunker Play Instruction, Tips & Drills For Beginners!

Before you attempt to play a golf bunker shot, it is important to note that in the rules of golf, a sand bunker is classed as a hazard. This means that you're not allowed to touch the sand with any part of your golf equipment before you are in the process of playing the shot! Grounding your golf club before will result in a penalty stroke, which we can all do without!!

Probably the main reason why a lot of average golfers fear bunker shots the most, is because it is the only shot in golf that you are not looking to make contact with the ball first! With most bunker shots you are actually looking to strike the sand first, roughly an inch or so behind the ball, to get the best results.

A good way to get a feel for how hard you need to hit a bunker shot is to imagine that you are throwing a golf ball underarm towards the hole, and use that as a general guideline as to how hard you need to hit your bunker shots!

Over time you are going to experience all kinds of difficult golf bunker shots, from plug lies, fairway bunker shots, ball below / above your feet, downhill / uphill lies to bunker shots with high lip faces. Follow my bunker shot instruction, tips and advice below and start splashing out of the sand with more confidence.

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Bunker Play Books:

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Golf Bunker Shots Instruction, Tips & Drills:

8 Steps To Perfect Greenside Bunker Shots
To ensure that you can support your bunker shot swing and avoid slipping, it is important to establish a firm footing in the sand. Try not to dig in too much, as this will only make your swing more rigid and you will lose feel...

How To Play Fairway Bunker Shots
The first thing you should understand about the fairway bunker shot is that you will need to take a different approach to that of your regular greenside sand shots! Unlike greenside bunker shots where you are trying to strike the sand...

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