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Fun & Effective Golf Putting Drills To Help You Master
Your Golf Putting Performance

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Best Golf Putting Books
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Best Golf Putting EBooks
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Golf Putting Drills - Effective Practice Putting Drills

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Whether you are looking to improve your long range putting, make more short putts, learn how to judge your distances more accurately or work on direction control, there is a practice putting drill out there to help you.

Like most things in life, being able to improve your golf putting performance requires you to spend some time dedicated to practice.

However, there is no point just aimlessly going down to the practice putting green and hitting ball after ball, without having a purpose in mind. This is where effective golf putting drills can come in very handy.

By using an effective practice putting drill you can target a specific area of your golf putting performance that you need to improve, and with a little bit of imagination you can easily come up with your own practice putting drills to help you train the skills that you desire to perfect..

Golf Putting Drils - Image

Fun & Effective Golf Putting
Drills To Help You Master Your

Golf Putting Performance

Practice Putting Drills Will Train Your Muscles & Brain

By successfully repeating a specific, which has a specific purpose, over and over again, you are not only training your muscles to instinctively remember these actions but your brain is also absorbing all of these positive memories. The benefit of using golf putting drills is to help you install confidence and consistency in your overall putting performance.

This will help you out on the golf course because when you are faced with a short putt or a difficult long putt that you want to lag up and avoid 3 putting, your golf putting drills will have installed confidence in your abilities to deal with that situation.

If used in the right way, golf putting drills can certainly make a big difference to your golf putting performance, but it is important to make sure that your basic fundamentals are right first, like your golf putting setup and putting stroke if you ever want to become a great putter.

Fully Comprehensive Step-By-Step Guide To Mastering The Art Of Putting

Golf Putting Drills To Improve Technique & Consistency:

Golf Putting Drill - Direction Control
Train yourself to deliver the golf putter along a straight line to the target and with a square putter face.

Golf Putting Drill - Distance Control
Start mastering your golf putting distance with this simple but very effect golf putting drill.

Golf Putting Drill - Lag Putting
Practicing your lag putting with this golf putting drill is one of the best ways to reduce the number of 3 putts.

Golf Putting Drill - Putting Stroke
The quickest way to improve your golf putting stroke is to practice those 4 to 6 footers. 

Golf Putting Drill - Keep Wrist Action Quiet
One of the biggest reasons for inconsistent putting is not being able to keep the wrist action quiet!

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