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Calculating Golf Handicaps

How To Calculate Your Golf Handicap!

Learning how to calculate handicap in golf can be very confusing for some! Luckily in most cases your local golf club will take on the burden of calculating your golf handicap for you!

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Learning How To Calculate Handicap In Golf!

Learning how to Calculate Handicap in Golf can be very confusing for some. Luckily for us, in most cases your local golf club will take on the burden of Calculating your Golf Handicap for you. However, it is always nice to have an understanding of how the golf handicapping system works.

If you are new to golf then i'm sure there will be loads of questions that you need answers too, so once you have learned how to calculate your handicap in golf, please have a look at my Golf Handicap Explained page!  This will help to answer some of the other burning questions you may have such as 'What is a Golf Handicap?' or What does a Golf Handicap Mean?'

Standard Scratch & Slope Rating!

As i mentioned above, your local golf club committee will take on this responsibility of Calculating your Golf Handicap for you.

However, most of them will require to you submit at least 5 score cards, fully completed, with all the gross scores marked down, so they can give you an initial golf handicap. If these score cards are from different golf courses, then you will also need to make a note of the following:

The Standard Scratch Score of the Course - which is the measure of the playing ability of a golf course for a scratch golfer under normal course and weather conditions.

The Slope Rating of the Course - which indicates how much harder the golf course plays for the average golfer, i.e. not a scratch golfer.

Both of these can normally be found on the golf score card, however if not, then simply ask at the golf course concerned.

Calculating Golf Handicaps!

    Once you have submitted your 5 score cards, they will then take each card and subtrack the appropriate standard scratch score from the gross score recorded. This will give them 5 new totals to work with.

>   With these 5 new totals they will then multiply each one by 113, which is the unniversal number used for official US golf association handicaps. Again, this will give them 5 new totals to work from.

>   Once they have these new totals they will divide them by the slope rating figure of the appropriate course, which will give them what is commonly referred to as the golf differential.

>   Finally, to give you your official golf handicap they will take the lowest of the 5 xcores calculated and multiply this figure by 0.96 and this will then be your official golf handicap.

Once you have an official golfing handicap it will be regularly monitored and adjusted when you play in competitions and submit more golf score cards.

I hope you have found this information useful and that it has given you some idea with regards to: 'How to calculate your golf handicap!'.

If you are interested in a great piece of handicap tracking software that is fantastic value for money and will enable you to monitor every aspect of your game for future reference and give you that extra mental edge then i would recommend 'The Perfect Golf System'.

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