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Vardon Overlapping Golf Grip Image

Vardon Overlapping Golf Grip

Learn How To Apply The Correct Golf Grip!

If you've just started to play golf, or are looking for a golf grip that will give you more consistency, then i would recommend that you learn the Vardon Overlapping Golf Grip!

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How to Apply the Vardon Overlapping Golf Grip!

  • Grab a golf club and rest the club face on the ground, making sure that the face of the club head is squarely aligned to the target. Extend your left hand and place it onto the grip end of the club, with the back of your hand facing the target.
  • Close your fingers around the grip, so that the shaft runs diagonally across the 2nd joint of the index finger and the palm. This forms a combination and palm grip.
  • Now close your hand so that your thumb is positioned on top of the shaft, or slightly to the right and position the index finger underneath the shaft, as if it were pulling a trigger.
  • To check that you are in the right position, you should notice when you look down that......a) there is a "V" shape formed between the thumb and index finger which should point to your right shoulder and......b) you should only be able to see the first 2 knuckles of the index and middle fingers.
  • Now with your right hand outstretched, place it on the shaft, with the palm facing the target.
  • Close your first 3 fingers around the shaft so that the 3rd finger is touching the index finger of the left hand.
  • The little finger should now overlap the index finger of the left hand.
  • Now close the palm of your right hand so it is covering the left thumb. At this point another "V" shape should be formed whcih points just inside your right shoulder.
Congratulations, you have now formed the Correct Harry Vardon Golf Grip!

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