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Start Golf By Learning The Correct Golf Grip 

Find Out What The Right Golf Grip Is For You!

When you start golf, one of the very first lessons you should have is to learn how to apply the correct golf grip, because without the right golf grip your chances of success will be limited!

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The Correct Golf Grip - Should be 1st Lesson!

Take a moment to remember when you started to play golf, i bet one of the very first things you were taught was how to apply the correct golf grip! and there was a very good reason for that. Without it your chances of success are going to be dramatically reduced and you will inevitably suffer from inconsistent performances.

However, if you take the time to and apply the right golf grip that is fundamentally sound you'll be amazed at how much easier the game will become. Hence the old saying:

"you never see a good player with a bad grip, or a bad player with a good grip"

If you were to ask any of the Top PGA teachers or Tour Players how significant it is to have the correct golf grip, you would soon realize its importance. They will all agree that having a golf grip that is technically right for your physical shape is an integral part of forming a rock solid foundation to your golfing game.

One of the games great teachers and players, Tommy Armour once said,

"If i could stand the strain, i would devote at least a couple of weeks to the grip in golf instruction"

He may well have been exaggerating slightly but it does go to show how serious he was in expressing the importance of having the correct golf grip in relation to producing good golf.

So What is the Correct Golf Grip?

Well....as with many aspects in golf there are several examples of golf grips that are technically correct and this will depend of numerous factors, such as hand size, hand strength, length of fingers, how your hands naturally hang, etc.

The most common golf grip which is used by the majority of Touring Professionals today, and would be highly recommended by all Teaching Professionals is the Vardon Overlapping Golf Grip (or variation of), invented by one of Golf's Greatest Players, Harry Vardon.......

Click Here to Learn How to Apply the Harry Vardon Overlapping Grip.

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