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New 2011 Odyssey DART Golf Putter Reviews

Odyssey White Ice DART Blade Putters

Callaway's New Odyssey 2011 DART Putters have finally been released to the public and offer you the very latest in Odyssey Golf's ground breaking design and technological enhancements. The main enhancement comes in the form of a dart-like pattern positioned on the Odyssey golf putter head. This provides you with the perfect alignment and ball positioning aid, to help ensure the putter face is square to the target line and centralized at address.

DART stands for Direction and Realignment Technology and is based on extensive research by Odyssey Golf into the relationship between the eye and brain, and also includes the Gestalt Effect, which observes the form-generating capability of the senses. This simple but clever design works via the following two-step process.

First your eyes use the straight lines on top of the putter head to accurately align your putts to the intended target, and then your mind's eye completes the process by placing the golf ball at the apex of the DART feature, which just happens to be exactly where the sweet spot is, thus promoting a consistent contact with the ball and providing you with the benefit of greater distance control.

The Odyssey DART Putters also feature perimeter weighting which helps lower the center of gravity and increase MOI for more control and stability, as well as an upgraded insert that's in the White Ice Putter Designs. This modified White Ice Insert has an inner core that is 19% firmer and 92% stiffer, resulting in a more resilient putter that offers increased distance control. In addition, the surface has a rougher texture, which not only helps to enhance the sound, but also increases the friction between the golf ball and face insert to promote more topspin and a truer roll.

Currently there are 3 Odyssey DART Putters available. The Backstryke DART Putter features many of the same unique design enhancements as the rest of the Backstryke Series, including Visible Face Alignment for a clear view of the putter face, Forward Press Stabilization which promotes an upward stroke and true ball roll, and Stroke Balanced Shaft for control and consistency. And the White Ice DART Putter and White Ice DART Blade Putter, which both benefit from an Adjustable Weighting System, that creates the ideal balance for maximum feel, accuracy and control.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the three brand new Odyssey DART Golf Putters that are currently available, then you can find the best deals by visiting either Amazon.com or Callaway's Official Online Store. Alternatively, if you are looking to save a bit of money and are happy to buy one second hand, then you can also find some great deals on pre-owned Callaway golf equipment and Odyssey Golf Putters by visiting Callaway Golf Pre-Owned.

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