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Golf Ball Reviews - Best Selling Golf Balls!

Is it really that important to find the best golf balls for your game? Well, if you're expecting to start playing golf like Tiger Woods, because of your choice of golf ball, then you are going to be bitterly disappointed, there's obviously a bit more to it than that!

Having said that, golf ball manufacturers now spend fortunes on research and development, trying to produce the best balls, why? because they understand the science behind the construction and how it can impact a players performance levels! Golfer's tend falls into one of 3 categories, and each category has its own set of skills and abilities.

This means they require different types of golf balls to maximize performance levels. Firstly you have 'The Novice Golfer' who has just taken the game up or is someone who struggles to break the mid to high 90's. Then you have 'The Intermediate Golfer' who has a little bit more control over their game but tends to have consistency issues and shoots scores in the mid 80's to 90's.

And finally you have 'The Accomplished Golfer' who has excellent control over their golf swing technique and performance levels and regularly shoots scores in the 70's.

Best 2-Piece Golf Balls - Srixon AD333 Best 3-Piece Golf Balls - Titleist Pro V1 Best 4-Piece Golf Balls - Callaway Tour i z
Best Golf Balls for
The Beginner / Novice Golfer
Best Golf Balls for
The Intermediate Golfer
Best Golf Balls for
The Accomplished Golfer

How To Choose The Best Golf Balls For Your Game

We all hear about the latest golf balls released and are tempted by the thought of how they will dramatically increase our distance off the tee and give us that drop 'n' stop action on the greens, then rush out and buy a pack only to end up disappointed because they just haven't lived up to their claims. This is because the type of golf balls we have just purchased are simply not designed to optimize performance levels for our particular golf swings or playing style.

When choosing the best golf balls for your game, the first thing you need to do is to be honest with yourself, with regards to where your skill levels are at, i.e. what category of golfer do you fall into? This is vital because if you don't possess the same ball striking abilities and control over your swing as an accomplished amateur golfer of PGA Pro, your performance levels will more than likely suffer if you try to play with the same type of balls that they are using.

So once you are happy with where your skill levels are at, it's important to balance them with your expectation levels, i.e. what are you looking to achieve on the golf course? What is going to give you the most pleasure? Are you purely looking for maximum distance? More consistency? Would you like more feel and touch around the greens? Do you want more control over your shot shaping abilities? Are you looking for a combination? or maybe price is a concern?

To give you more ammunition, it's probably a good idea to find out what type of golf ball constructions are currently available. This will help you understand the more intricate details of what goes on behind the construction of a golf ball, like the different types of materials used for covers and the core, dimple design, compression levels, and what the pro's and cons of each are, so you can make an informed decision and find the best golf ball for your game.

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