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Odyssey Limited Edition Golf Putter Reviews

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Odyssey have recently released 3 Limited Edition Blade Putters, all of which have their own unique designs and utilize the very latest cutting edge technology, that you would expect from Callaway. These include the PT-82 which is a replica of Phil Mickelson's heel shafted blade that helped him win the 2010 Masters. The Ti-Hot #1 which is a rounded heel-toe weighted blade with a full-shaft offset, and the scoop-back Ti-Hot #2 blade with half-shaft offset.

The ProType PT82 Putter is one of Odyssey's latest limited edition golf putters to hit the market place, and with only 2,500 released, this model is a replica of the putter that helped Phil Mickelson conquer the Augusta National and win the 2010 Masters! This classic style blade putter offers the perfect alignment aid with a single sight line that runs from the face to the back flange and utilizes a stiffer, more resilient White Ice Insert, which has a firmer inner core for better feel and responsiveness and a rougher texture that enhances sound with softer balls and creates more topspin for a truer roll.

With only 1,250 released by Odyssey, the Ti-Hot Limited Edition 1 Putter has a 330 pure Titanium precision milled putter head, that has a deeper, sharper milling pattern to provide you with better feel, a truer roll and more consistency. This material also helps to generate a pleasing sound at impact and promote heightened responsiveness.

This rounded heel-toe weighted stylish blade putter has a crank neck hosel, with a full shaft offset and has strategically placed Tungsten weight ports in the sole, that help to optimize performance, creating a perfect balance of feel, control and accuracy. The premium muted charcoal finish perfectly compliments Ti-Hot 1 premium performance

Similar to the Ti-Hot 1 putter, the Ti-Hot Limited Edition 2 Putter benefits from the same 330 pure Titanium precision milled putter head with its deeper, sharper milling pattern, for greater feel, truer roll and improved consistency, and strategically placed Tungsten weight ports that help to optimize performance by creating perfect balance.

The main differences between the Ti-Hot 1 and Ti-Hot 2 are that this scoop backed putter has a slant neck hosel with only a half shaft offset. Again, Odyssey have only released 1,250 of these beautifully crafted putters, that are perfectly finished off with a premium charcoal muted finish, so if your interested, you might want to act fast!

If you are interested in purchasing one of the three brand new Odyssey Limited Edition Golf Putters currently available, then you can find the best deals by visiting either Amazon.com or Callaway's Official Online Store. Alternatively, if you are looking to save a bit of money and are happy to buy one second hand, then you can also find some great deals on pre-owned Callaway golf equipment and Odyssey Golf Putters by visiting Callaway Golf Pre-Owned.

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