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Golf Trolley Reviews - Best Selling Golf Trolleys!

Carrying a heavy bag around a full 18 holes of golf can become an extremely tiring exercise, especially for those golfers who are no longer spring chickens. This is where buying a good quality & affordable Golf Trolley can often make all the difference!

Depending on the level of support you need, there are 3 types of trolleys that you can buy. You can either choose to buy a cheaper Manual Pull-Along Golf Trolley or a 3-Wheel Golf Push Cart, that will take most of the load off of your shoulders for you.

Or you can opt to purchase one of the more expensive Motorized Electric Golf Trolleys, that will take all of the load for you. Learn more with my Golf Trolley Reviews and Recommendations below.

Intech LiteRider Golf Pull Trolleys
Best Value Manual Pull-Along Golf Trolleys

The Intech LiteRider Cart is currently one of the best value manual pull-along golf trolleys available, and its simple design and construction makes it incredibly easy to assemble. It is also very simple to fold away and store, and will fit into the boot of anyone's car with ease, with the option of leaving the bag attached.

With large 10" wheels, the Intech LiteRider Golf Trolley is a dream to push or pull along on any golf course, providing you with a smooth ride even on rougher terrain. It also offers a great selection of additional features, including a score card holder, golf ball, tee peg and pencil holders, along with a free drinks flask and drinks holder.

Manual Pull Along Golf Trolleys

Intech Tri Trak 3 Wheel Golf Push Carts
Best Value Manual 3-Wheel Golf Push Carts

The Intech Tri Trak 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart is excellent value for money, especially when taking into consideration the quality of construction and simple but effective design, and is ideal for any type of golf course. This easy to push and pull golf cart also boasts dual-strut reinforcement and designer wheels that have anti-slide treads.

This durable and lightweight golf push cart also offers some great additional features, including nylon bag straps with snap-lock buckles to ensure your bag and clubs are secure, an adjustable handle to match your height, an easy two-step folding design, a waterproof scorecard holder, and a detachable water bottle.

Manual 3 Wheel Golf Push Carts

MTN GearSmith TM 200W Electric Golf Trolleys
Most Efficient Motorized Electric Golf Trolleys

The new 2012 MTN GearSmith TM 200W Electric Golf Trolley offers excellent value for money and is so easy to set-up, just hoop up the battery cable and it’s ready to use! With a storage motor power: DC 12V/200W, this powerful, noiseless & fast motor will provide you with up to 20 hours of usage, after being fully charged.

This light weight and stylish design has a maximum load capacity of 180 lbs, so will easily carry the heaviest of bags and the simple to use one handed control system makes it an absolute breeze to negotiate around any course. This new motorized electric golf trolley is also compact with its small foldable size for easy storage.

Motorized Electric Golf Trolleys

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