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Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review 

Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Review Image

The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver was invented by former PGA Tour Professional Bob Koch and is used and endorsed by many of the top pro's and golfing instructors, such as Mark O'Meara, Hank Haney, Bruce Fleischer & Jack Lampkin. Voted Number 1 Golf Swing Training Aid in the world, the Medicus Dual Hinge Driver will help you cure those frustrating issues in your golf swing that are preventing you from achieving maximum distance, accuracy and control off the Tee.

So if you are currently suffering from golf slicing or hooking, then this extremely effective Golf Swing Training Aid will certainly help you to iron out these issues. The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver will train your muscles to consistently swing the club along the correct plane and with the perfect tempo, resulting in longer, straighter and more accurate drives.

The Best Selling Golf Training Aid Ever, The Medic
The new Medicus Driver has an improved 460cc over sized head and patented dual hinge shaft, and is designed to give you instant feedback if your swing plane is off line or your tempo and rhythm are out, forcing you to swing it in a well balanced manner.

Anything other than the optimal inside to inside golf swing path or correct tempo will cause the shaft to flip open at the dual hinge point, helping you to pinpoint where your are going wrong in your swing, whether it's your takeaway, backswing or through swing.

The Medicus Dual Hinge Driver is not going to instantly give you the perfect golf swing! But with a little bit of patience and practice it will force you into the correct swing path and ensure your tempo is consistent and true. 

Once you have grooved the perfect golf swing, you can say goodbye to that dreaded slice or hook for good, and start enjoying the benefits of hitting the ball longer, straighter and with more accuracy than ever before. If you are a fairly high handicapper you may find it a bit frustrating to start with, so there is the option to tighten the hinge a little until you get yourself into a good rhythm and then you can loosen it bit by bit as your golf swing improves.

Summary Of Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Benefits:

  • Used and endorsed by Mark O'Meara, Hank Haney, Bruce Fleischer, and Jack Lumpkin, One of golf's top 100 instructors
  • Patented Dual Hinge lets you know when you swing incorrectly
  • Golf Training Aid that teaches you to swing in tempo & on plane
  • Instantly identifies the flaw in your swing
  • Helps Eliminate Slices and Hooks
  • Lets you groove the perfect golf swing
  • Hit longer, more accurate shots time after time
  • Can be used indoors or out - at home, on the range, or on the course
  • Improves all aspects of your swing - from the takeaway to the downswing to the follow through
  • Develops muscle memory so that you develop a perfect and repeating swing
  • Improves consistency and control
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • Available in Right / Left handed, women's and junior's

FREE Bonuses With Medicus Dual Hinge Driver:

Medicus Dual Hinge Driver Bonuses Image
  • Medicus Dual Hinge 460cc Driver
  • Medicus Dual Handle Putter Trainer
  • FREE BONUS DVD "Drive like a Pro" featuring Mark O'Meara and Medicus Inventor Bob Koch
  • Top Tips DVD starring PGA Tour Pro's Mark O'Meara and Bruce Fleischer
  • Introduction to Stack & Tilt DVD
  • The Swing like a Pro Drill DVD
  • Plus - Ten Minutes to Tremendous Power E-Book

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