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Tournament Edition Golf Range Finder Reviews Best Legal Golf Laser Rangefinder Reviews For 2012!

Under the rules of golf tournament edition golf laser rangefinders are the only type of range finders that are considered to be legal for use in competition and tournament play (when local rules apply). This is because tournament edition golf range finders provide line of sight distance measurements only, and not much else.

This makes tournament edition golf range finders ideal partners for those golfers who are looking to gain that competitve edge over their playing partners. So if you're looking to shoot lower scores and win a few of your local competitions, then the best thing you can do for your game is to buy a tournament edition golf range finder.

If you are looking to benefit from additional help in the form of slope technology, which provides adjusted yardage measurements that takes into account the slope angles and inclines/declines of the course then you will need to buy a Slope Edition range finder.

This year has seen the introduction of some excellent new tournament edition golf laser rangefinders, including the new Bushnell Tour Z6, Callaway RAZR Laser and Leupold GX-3i range finders. These tournament edition rangefinders utilize the latest cutting edge technology and are faster and more accurate than ever before. Check my tournament edition golf range finder reviews below to learn all about the latest tournament legal golf laser range finders to hit the market.

Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Range Finder Review (NEW)

Bushnell Tour Z6 Tournament Edition Golf Range Finder Review The 2012 Tour Z6 Golf Range Finder is the latest edition to the already extremely popular and successful line of Bushnell golf rangefinders and this new tournament edition golf range finder comes with some exciting additional features and technology to help golfers improve their performance to get the very most out of their game.

The Tour Z6 golf range finder now offers a much better visual experience with the introduction of their new Vivid Display Technology, and is the only Bushnell golf rangefinder to benefit from their brand new Extreme Speed Precision Technology which provides incredibly accurate distance readings at lightening speeds!

Discount Bushnell Tour Z6 Tournament Edition Golf Range Finder Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Callaway RAZR Laser Range Finder Review (NEW)

Callaway RAZR Laser Tournament Edition Golf Range Finder Review The 2012 Callaway RAZR Laser golf range finder is the best rangefinder ever created by Callaway and now offers superior speed, along with the most accurate distance measurements to date and benefits from many of the same features that were in last years extremely popular Callaway Diablo Octane range finder model.

The Callaway RAZR Laser range finder is now 10% smaller making it even easier to handle than ever before, and the attractive black and red color scheme and rubbery textured casing material not only give this Callaway golf range finder a quality feel and professional look but also provide excellent grip in all weather conditions.

Discount Callaway RAZR Laser Tournament Edition Golf Range Finder Callaway RAZR Laser Golf Rangefinder Review

Leupold GX-3i Golf Range Finder Review (NEW)

Leupold GX-3i Tournament Edition Golf Range Finder Review The 2012 GX-3i golf range finder by Leupold is one of the most advanced golf laser rangefinders currently available and offers superior optics, exceptional speed and precision accuracy. With a maximum range of up to 800 yards, the GX-3i is accurate to 6 inches and displays yardage measurements to a tenth of a yard.

But it's not just the superior optics, accuracy and speed that separates this Leupold golf range finder apart from the field. The GX-3i also provides a high quality build and feel as well. Heavier than most golf laser range finders the GX-3i is sturdy and compact, and no expense has been spared on its construction.

Discount Leupold GX-4i Tournament Edition Golf Range Finder Leupold GX-3i Golf Laser Rangefinder Review


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