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"Callaway Golf Laser Range Finder Reviews & Recommendations"
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Callaway IQ Golf Laser Range Finder Provides Accurate Distance Ranging With Slope Adjustments!

Discount Callaway IQ Golf Laser Range Finders IQ Slope Edition Laser Rangefinder by Callaway

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Read Latest Customer Reviews and gather more information about the Callaway IQ golf laser rangefinder with slope including features, new & used options, special promotional offers, shipping rates and best price comparisons by visiting Amazon.com

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Callaway IQ Golf Range Finder Review

The Callaway IQ Range Finder has been designed to give you very fast, simple and accurate distance ranging on the course, as well as provide you with slope adjustments for inclines & declines.

Weighing less than half a pound this excellent Golf Range Finder is extremely light weight and compact, so will easily fit into your pocket without disturbing your swing, and offers you great visibility under all lighting conditions with its Advanced Screen Technology.

The waterproof and fog proof construction of the Callaway IQ range finder ensures that it will stand up to any weather conditions, and with a range of 1,000 yards the IQ is accurate to within 1 yard.

By using Nikon’s multi-coated optics and the ability to zoom in with 6x magnification, you are able to get an exceptionally clear view of any targets you desire, and Nikon’s Target Priority Mode ensures that you pinpoint your target and retrieve correct readings.

The Callaway IQ range finder also takes distance measurements to a new level with slope adjustments. It does this by not only displaying the actual yardage to your acquired target on the viewfinder, but also providing you with slope adjustments with additional or subtracted yardage amounts due to inclines or declines on the course. This information can be very useful when it comes to club selection. The viewfinder on the IQ golf laser range finder features Callaway’s innovative Active Brightness Control, that combines the advantages of both LCD and LED technology.

This feature detects changes in the lighting conditions and automatically adjusts from a grey LCD readout to an orange LED display when the brightness of the field of view deteriorates. Another helpful feature on the Callaway IQ range finder is scan mode. This scan mode on the enables you to sweep across the landscape for up to 20 seconds and gain successive distance readings for the targets pass over. The Callaway IQ range finder also comes with a great Walker Clip case, which has a silent magnetic closure, and uses a three-volt CR2 Lithium battery to give it extra life.

Although there are some more advanced slope edition rangefinders now available, with the new Bushnell Pro 1M Slope and 2012 Leupold GX-4i, the Callaway IQ range finder is still a popular choice amongst avid golfers who are looking for a quality range finder to give them clear, accurate measurements with slope adjustments under all weather conditions. If you are interested in purchasing the Callaway IQ range finder, then you can find the Best Deals at Amazon.com

Callaway IQ Range Finder with Slope Features:


Golf driven laser rangefinder with multi-coated Nikon Optics
6x magnification capability
Active Brightness Control viewfinder combines LCD and LED for improved visibility and contrast in any light conditions
Easy to use one-touch measurements
Maximum distance range between 11 to 1000 yards
Compensation yardage for incline/decline carries
Callaway IQ Range Finder has successive distancing
Nikon's Target Priority Mode
Compact and lightweight design to easily fit in pocket
Long eye relief
Waterproof and fogproof construction
Comes with Walker Clip case with silent magnetic closure
Callaway IQ range finder with slope comes wit one-year warranty
Callaway IQ Golf Laser Range Finder Features

Callaway IQ Customer Reviews From Amazon:

Nice product with some issues - September 21, 2012 by Whoami
This is a very good rangefinder as stated by other reviews. I'd like to point out one thing though: It provides a slope adjusted distance but gives neither the angle nor horizontal distance, so one has no idea how the distance is adjusted. I followed its suggestion on a steep slope (30 yds down) and choose a club that is way too short -- but I have no idea whether it's reasons like wind or my swing, or the suggested distance is simply off. The manual doesn't seem to give much explanation either. (upon some experiment, I suspect the suggested distance is not reliable. It probably assumed that the ball will keep a little angle going down, but the ball actually goes down almost on a straight line for a long drop.) Now I tend to think it'd be a better rangefinder without the slope reading ...

Very easy to use - May 16 2012 by Henry MD
There is a slight learning curve to the Callaway IQ range finder laser; the clubs need to be calibrated to the slope distance reading. The only discrepancy with this golf laser rangefinder is that the readings seem a few yards shorter than one of my friends who has a Bushnell laser. I'm not sure if this unit is more accurate or if the Bushnell unit is more accurate; either way it doesn't matter once you get your club calibrated to the readings in this laser.

It performs exactly as it promises - May 15, 2012 by david m saldana
If you're not using it for tournaments, there's nothing more you could ask for in a golf laser rangefinder. It's fast, easy, and accurate. The slope feature on the Callaway IQ range finder isn't a problem -- it does exactly what it says it will do. Lack of reading comprehension is no reason to ding the product.

Callaway IQ Range Finder - Latest Customer Reviews Callaway IQ Laser Range Finder - Check Lowest Prices

Best Tournament & Slope Edition Golf Rangefinders:

Apart from price, one of the most important things that you need to consider before buying a golf range finder, is what you are going to be using it for. When it comes to choosing a golf range finder there are two types that you can buy, you can either go for a Tournament Edition rangefinder or a Slope Edition rangefinder. Check below to learn the difference between the two and find out which models are the best Tournament and Slope edition range finders for 2012!

Best Tournament Edition Golf Range Finders

Best Tournament Legal Golf Rangefinders If you're looking for a golf laser range finder that can be used in competition or for handicap purposes then you will need to buy a Tournament Edition rangefinder, as these type of range finders provide line of sight distance measurements only and are deemed to be legal for tournament use (where local rules apply).

2012 has seen the release of some excellent new models from the market leading brands. These new rangefinders are faster at retrieving results and more accurate at laser ranging targets than ever before. Click the image to the left to learn all about the best Tournament edition golf range finders currently available!

Best Slope Edition Golf Laser Range Finders

Best Slope Edition Golf Laser Range Finders Slope Edition golf laser rangefinders are considered non-legal for tournament play because they offer additional features that provide adjusted yardage measurements which compensate for the natural inclines and declines of the course, and some even account for climate conditions and offer suggestions on club selection!

So if you just want a range finder to use in practice or to improve your game so you can gain that crucial edge over your golfing buddies, then a Slope edition range finder may very well be the one to consider. Check out the best Slope edition golf range finders for 2012 by clicking on the image to the left.


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