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"Callaway Golf Laser Range Finder Reviews & Recommendations"
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Callaway Slope Edition Range Finders - Accurate Golf Laser Rangefinders With Superior Nikon Optics!

Callaway slope edition laser range finders have been designed and created in conjunction with optical specialists Nikon, and their most recent designs which include the Callaway idTECH and IQ Slope provide all of the essential distance measurement information and technology that you need to help improve your scoring.

Unlike Tournament Edition rangefinders that are considered legal for tournament play, due to the fact that they only provide line of sight distance measurements, Callaway slope edition range finders are not, and can only be used for practicing or in friendly situations.

Similar to all Slope Edition golf laser rangefinders, Callaway slope edition range finders are deemed to be illegal for competition and tournament use because they provide additional help in the form of adjusted yardage readings that take into account the angle of slope and the natural inclines and declines of the course.

Although the latest selection of Callaway slope edition range finders are not as advanced as some of the newer models, like the Bushnell Pro 1M Slope that has a maximum range of 1 mile and the Leupold GX-4i which provides a club selection feature, they are excellent value for money and produce accurate and reliable results that will help you to take your game to the next level. Check below to learn all about the latest Callaway slope edition range finders.

Callaway IQ Slope Edition Range Finder Review

Callaway Golf Laser Rangefinder Review - Callaway IQ Slope The Callaway IQ Slope Range Finder has been designed to offer fast, simple and accurate distance ranging, as well as provide slope adjustments for the inclines & declines of the course. Weighing less than half a pound this excellent Callaway slope edition range finder is extremely lightweight and compact.

Advanced Screen Technology in the Callaway IQ slope range finder offers excellent visibility and Nikon's multi coated optics along with 6x magnification capability to provide you with an exceptionally clear view of your target. Nikon's Target Priority Mode also ensures that you always pinpoint your target to retrieve correct readings.

Discount Callaway Range Finder - Callaway IQ Slope CallawayIQ Laser Range Finder with Slope Review

Callaway idTECH Slope Edition Range Finder Review

Callaway Golf Laser Rangefinder Review - Callaway idTECH with Slope The Callaway idTECH golf laser rangefinder offers you a unique external LCD display and has been designed in conjunction with optical specialists Nikon to provide golfers with fast, simple and accurate range finding, as well as offering yardage adjustments to compensate for the inclines/declines of the course.

Weighing 7.4 ounces and dimensions that measure 5.1 x 1.8 x 2.7, this standard size Callaway slope edition range finder is comfortable to handle and very easy to operate. With a maximum range of only 550 yards, the Callaway idTECH does fall short of some of the competition like the Bushnell Pro 1M Slope.

Discount Callaway Golf Rangefinder - Callaway idTECH with Slope Callaway idTECH Golf Rangefinder Review


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