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Srixon Golf Ball Reviews!

The Srixon brand was established in 1997 and is part of the Sumitomo Rubber Industries Limited company (who have been producing Japanese golf equipment since the 1930's), and is now considered to be one of the leading golf ball manufacturers around.

In recent years Srixon have seen huge success on the professional Tours, with many of the top touring professionals having signed up to play with Srixon golf balls, including Vijay Singh, Boo Weekly, Henrik Stensen, Jym Furyk, Ryo Ishikawa and many more.

The full Srixon golf ball line up is designed to cater for golfers of all abilities, so it doesn't matter whether you're an amateur looking for distance or a serious player looking for a more responsive ball.

Srixon Z-Star Pure White Golf Balls
Srixon Z-Star Pure White Golf Balls

The Srixon Z-Star Golf Balls are high performance 3-piece construction golf balls designed to offer the accomplished player with an aggressive ball flight that will maximize distance off of the tee, provide unparralleled stopping power on approach shots and a super soft feel, for optimized touch and control on the greens.

The Z-Star is also available in Tour Yellow and utilizes Srixon's latest cutting edge Energetic Gradient Growth core technology and improved aerodynamic 324 dimple pattern that helps to optimize ball flight conditions for maximum distance and control throughout the bag, as well as a soft urethane cover for added spin control. 

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Srixon Z-Star XV Pure White Golf Balls
Srixon Z-Star XV Pure White Golf Balls

The Srixon Z-Star XV Golf Balls are their first 4-piece construction balls, and are specifically designed for accomplished golfers who achieve Tour swing speeds in excess of 95 m.p.h. and looking for exceptional distance off the tee and maximum shot shaping control without having to sacrifice touch and feel around the greens. 

Providing one of the thinnest and softest urethane covers currently available in the premium market, the Z-Star XV balls are available in Pure White and Tour Yellow, and utilize Srixon's brand new four-piece dual Energetic Gradient Growth core technology, that will provide you with an excellent combination of distance and spin.

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Srixon TriSpeed Premium Distance Golf Balls
Srixon TriSpeed Premium Distance Golf Balls

The new three-piece construction Srixon Trispeed Golf Balls are packed full of Srixon's latest technology and make a great choice for golfers of all skill levels and abilities, as they offer a nice balance between the soft feel and control of a premium performance ball and the distance potential of a two-piece construction golf ball.

Srixon's TriSpeed is made up with a low compression Energetic Gradient Growth core and a highly resilient Rabalon blended mid-layer, which help efficiently transfer maximum energy and clubhead speed to the golf ball, for greater distance potential and a soft Rabalon blended Ionomer cover to optimize feel and spin control.

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Srixon AD333 Golf Balls
Srixon AD333 - Best 2-Piece Golf Balls

The new Srixon AD333 2-Piece Golf Ball now features a larger core, thinner cover and improved aerodynamics, proving that with the right technology and expertise, the best can get better. The larger, soft Energetic Gradient Growth Core encourages optimal high launch angles and low spin launch conditions for maximum distance.

The soft resilient blend of Rabalon and Pana-Tetra make up the thinner cover also offer optimal launch conditions for greater distance, along with excellent feel and spin control for the short irons and on the greens. The advanced aerodynamic 333 dimple pattern helps to produce a penetrating ball flight in all wind conditions.

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