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Nike Golf Ball Reviews!

Although Nike are relatively new to the golf ball industry, they have fully established themselves as one of the market leaders, and now offer a comprehensive selection of top quality Nike golf balls to suit anyones playing style, skill level and ability.

With some of the best golfers in the world now playing with Nike golf balls, including Tiger Woods, Trevor Immelman, Stewart Cink and Paul Casey, and utilizing the very latest cutting edge golf ball designs and technologies, it's time for us to take them seriously.

One of Nike's most recent innovative technologies includes their RZN core technology, which has been introduced into their newest models, the Nike 20XI-X and 20XI-S golf balls. This revolutionary new core design is the first of its kind and produces the highest levels of MOI for longer, more controlled shots, and is made from a brand new resin based material that replaces the traditional rubber cores seen in the majority of performance golf balls.

To learn more about their latest releases, and find out how their new innovative designs and ground breaking technology can help your game, please have a look through my Nike golf ball reviews below.

Nike 20X1-X and 20X1-S Golf Balls
Nike 20XI-X and 20XI-S Golf Balls

The recently released 20XI-X and 20XI-S Golf Balls are Nike's latest creations and are improved versions of the already popular Nike One Tour Line. The 20XI's are the first Tour balls to utilize a revolutionary new core technology, that is a result of 4 years of research and has never been seen before in the golf industry.

Nike's new ground-breaking core technology replaces conventional rubber cores with a brand new resin based material. This highly neutalized polymer material is faster and lighter than rubber and provides you with the crucial benefits of greater distance off the tee, straighter ball flights and increased control around the greens.

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Nike One Golf Balls
Nike ONE Golf Ball Line Up

The latest Nike One Golf Ball now offers a great selection of balls to match most golfer's needs and abilities, from the accomplished player right the way through to the struggling amateur. So whether you are looking for more distance off the tee or would like to enjoy more control around the greens, the Nike ONE line up covers it.

The secret behind the success of these golf balls lies in their innovative new Power Transfer Layer Technology, which is a highly advanced polymer layer that surrounds the core. This Power Transfer Layer helps maximize ball, distance and control throughout the entire bag, and provides more forgiveness with off-center hits. 

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Nike Crush Golf Balls
Longer & Straighter Nike Crush Golf Balls

The Nike Crush Golf Balls are aimed at golfers who are purely looking for distance! Specifically designed to hit longer and straighter drives for a wide range of swing speeds, these 2-piece balls combine a lower compresion core and optimized ionomer cover to maximize ball speeds and reduce any unwanted side spin.

The softened high energy core provides high velocity ball speeds with a low spin rate for unmatched distance off the tee. The thin ionomer cover along with the aerodynamic 312-dimple pattern helps to maintain feel and playability around the greens, as well as optimizing lift for longer carry and a more consistent ball flight. 

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Nike Karma Golf Balls
Nike Karma Golf Balls Ideal For Women

The Nike Karma Golf Balls have been specifically designed for women and players who have an average swing speed of between 70 - 80 m.p.h. This 2-piece ionomer blend construction from Nike, utilizes the softest compression core that they have to offer and helps to deliver higher ball speeds and longer distances off the tee.

Karma balls also utilize a softened ionomer cover for enhanced feel with the shorter irons and more feel on and around the greens, along with a 312-dimple pattern that is aerodynamically designed to provide higher trajectories for longer ball flight to help carry obstacles such as lakes, bunkers and trees with more confidence. 

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Nike Power Distance Golf Balls
Nike Power Distance Golf Ball Series

As their name would suggest, the latest Nike Power Distance Golf Ball Series offers a great selection of balls that are purely built to match and enhance your specific launch conditions, to provide you with maximum distance off the tee. There are four 2-piece Power Distance golf balls available, the PD Long, Soft, High and Women's.

The PD Long, is designed to maximize distance for golfers with higher swing speeds and features a high velocity core. The PD Soft utilizes a softer lower compression core and is for players with slower swing speeds. The PD High creates higher launch conditions, and the PD Women is designed for Ladies.

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