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Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer Review 

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer Image

The Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer is by far the most effective golf swing training aid available on the market to date, and was designed by PGA Professional Jim Hackenberg to specifically teach you the basic fundamentals of a natural golf swing motion. Unlike many other swing training aids out there that only focus on a single fix or a couple of fixes to your golf swing, the Orange Whip Trainer focuses on your entire swing, teaching you how to swing through the golf ball, on the correct plane and with Tour Pro Lag.

By focusing on your entire swing technique and forcing you to find your own natural rhythm, the Orange Whip Swing Training Aid will help you to increase your flexibility, core strength, coordination and tempo, all of which result in longer and more accurate shots. Most average golfers tend to over complicate the golf swing by thinking about it too much, and end up with unnecessary tension in their core golf muscles and trying to hit the ball too hard, rather then swinging through it in a rhythmical motion.

The Orange Whip Swing Trainer has been scientifically designed with a flexible shaft and a system of counter balanced weights to provide you with immediate feedback if your timing, tempo or swing plane is out or off line! It does this by either throwing you off balance, or by giving you that obvious uncomfortable and awkward feeling.

Why Should You Choose The Orange Whip Swing Trainer?

The overall benefit of using the Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer, is that if practiced with on a regular basis (5-10 mins a day) it will help you to create a more powerful and smoother golf swing, by teaching you how to find your own natural tempo and timing (essential ingredients for generating greater distance, accuracy and control!)

As well as developing a golf swing that has perfect balance and coordination, the Orange Whip Swing Trainer also provides you with a great athletic workout. The clever design of the weighting system at either end of the flexible shaft, helps you to increase your flexibility with a low-impact stretch and strengthen your core golfing muscles.

Another great benefit that the Orange Whip Swing Trainer has to offer is that it can be used indoors, as you are not required to actually hit a golf ball with it. This takes weather conditions, time of day and practice facilities out of the equation, making it one of the most effective and time efficient golf training aids available on the market.

Which Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer Should You Buy?

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer Image Being an extremely versatile golf swing training aid, the Orange Whip has 3 different models for you to choose from, depending on your sex, age, physical requirements and personal preferences, which are:

The Orange Whip Trainer - full sized version at 47.5" long, designed for men and taller women. Actual swing length is approx. 45" (Men's Driver) and total weight is 1.75 pounds. Simulates correct motion of a driver and is the ideal whip for balance, tempo and core fitness workout.

The Orange Whip Golden - medium sized version at 44" long, designed for those under 6'6" tall or beginners. Recommended for Men, Women, Teens, and Juniors. Actual swing length is approx. 41" (Men's Mid-Iron / Ladies Driver) and total weight is 1.65 pounds. Simulates mid-iron motion and ladies driver motion and is the ideal Whip for most women and Senior golfers to improve their balance and tempo, as well as providing a core fitness workout.

The Orange Whip Hickory - small sized version at 40" long, designed for Juniors aged 7 - 12. Actual swing length is approx. 38" long and total weight is 1.3 pounds. With a more flexible shaft than the Trainer or Golden, this is the ideal Whip for Juniors or adults looking to improve their short iron and wedge game, but should take care not to over-swing this model or be too aggresive with it, as it may result in injury. 

Having checked the majority of retail outlets online I have found that you can get the best deals and prices on all of the Orange Whip Golf Traininer Aids by visiting www.amazon.com

How To Use The Orange Whip Swing Training Aid:

Orange Whip Torso Twist Drill Image
1st Exercise - Torso Twist

First assume an upright and vertical setup, with your feet about shoulder width apart. Extend your arms out at stomach level, holding the Whip with your fingers, so your palms are facing skywards. Then begin rotating your upper body back and forth, using the balls of your feet to initiate each rotation and to center your balance.

Continue to rotate your upper body back and forth in a smooth rhythmical motion, allowing you hips to pivot freely, so that you can feel the weight gently transferring from one side to the other.

The objective of this exercise is for you to feel the connection between your upper body, arms and hands, so that they are all working as one unit, and that footwork is all important to maintaining balance and generating the power in the swing.

Orange Whip Hinging Forearm Rotation Drill Image
2nd Exercise - Hinging Forearm Rotation

With the same setup position and feet shoulder width apart, just tilt from the hips so that your chin is above the end of your toes. Let the arms hang freely and wrap the fingers of one hand so that it holds the shaft just below the grip.

This will make the exercise more manageable for one hand. Your grip pressure should be just firm enough so that you can maintain control of the Orange Whip, similar to that of your ideal grip pressure when playing shots on the golf course.

Start the exercise by swinging your arm in front of your body, in a small pendulum movements, and then gradually increase it while introducing what you have practiced in the first exercise, which is to twist the torso and initiate the weight transfer and swing balance with the balls of your feet, in a smooth rhythmical motion.

The weight of the orange ball and the counterweight at the grip end of the shaft helps to naturally develop the correct hinging of the wrists and proper forearm rotation, as well as keeping your swing plane on line. Once you are happy with the tempo and rhythm that you have found, try the same exercise with your opposite hand.

Orange Whip Full Swing Drill Image
3rd Exercise - Full Swing Drill

This exercise puts it all together for you. Assume your natural setup position, with feet shoulder width apart, straight back and tilt slightly from the hips so your chin is above the end of your toes, whilst gripping the Orange Whip with both hands. Allow the orange ball on the swing trainer to hover a few inches above the ground.

Start swinging the Orange Whip back and forth in a pendulum motion, initiating each rotation with the balls of your feet and make sure that you maintain the proper one-piece connection of the upper body, arms and hands throughout the swing.

Allow for the natural hinging of the wrists as the swing arc gradually increases, and let centrifugal force help you to complete a fully rotated and balanced swing. There is no need to try and manipulate the swing or try to impart any force onto it. The Orange Whip Swing Trainer will help you find your own natural tempo. Just focus on maintaining proper balance, the correct torso twist and using the balls of your feet to transfer your weight from one side to the other.

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