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Nike SQ Machspeed Golf Driver Review

Nike SQ Machspeed Golf Driver Review ImageThe new Nike SQ Machspeed Driver utilizes the very latest in cutting edge design and technology to offer golfers a formidable weapon that has been specifically created to overcome the 2 key ingredients that all serious players are desperately seeking.

And those 2 vital ingredients that the Nike SQ Machspeed Driver offers, are Maximum Distance & Complete Shot Control! And to accomplish this success Nike Golf's engineers have dedicated serious time and effort into thorough research & development.

The Nike SQ Machspeed Driver benefits from this work with the introduction of their award winning STR8-FIT Technology, Total Swing Aerodynamic Design and Tour Proven Square Technology.

Nike STR8-FIT Technology is an enhancement that allows players the opportunity to adjust the position of the club head so that it can perfectly match individual swing styles. It is the first technology of its kind, and is Tour proven with Luis Glover and Stewart Cink using the SQ Machspeed Driver to win the U.S. Open & Open Championship respectively. With 8 settings you can either set it to a neutral position or adjust it by up to 2 degrees open or closed.

This provides golfers who slice or hook the ball, the technology to counteract these unwanted shots by subtly or dramitically adjusting the loft and lie angles. Through comprehensive testing on the driving range, Nike have revealed that there is a 45 yard differential between the maximum open and maximum closed STR8-FIT settings, which gives golfers an incredible opportunity to significantly alter their ball flight.

The STR8-FIT clubhead settings in the new Nike SQ Machspeed Driver are easy to adjust by using the torque wrench (included in purchase) to separate the clubhead from the shaft and then simply re-attach it to one of the desired 8 face loft and lie angle settings. The torque wrench also provides you with a sound and LED light indicator to signal that the shaft and STR8-FIT adapter are fully secured.

Total Swing Aerodynamic Design - Nike understand that the number one factor that makes the ball go farther is 'ball speed'. Which is why they have focused on improving the aerodynamic qualities of the Nike SQ Machspeed Driver and taken it to a whole new level. By looking at how aerodynamics effect the entire golf swing, Nike have managed to significantly reduce the amount of drag from wind resistance, by introducing their 'PowerBow design and sole diffuser.

This design keeps the airflow smooth and close to the club surface, which allows golfers to pull the clubhead through the air faster to increase ball speed, which in turn, naturally results in greater distance off of the tee.

Tour Proven Square Technology - By moving the position of the weighting system further back and into the corners of the Nike SQ Machspeed Driver, they have managed to deepen and lower the clubheads center of gravity and increase its moment of inertia. This benefits golfers by increasing the clubheads stability through contact with the ball, which allows for greater shot control and more forgiveness.

The shaft features UST's Patented AXIVCore Technology, with an ultra light wide body 55 gram design. Engineered into the interior of the shaft, AXIVCore material increases the shafts 'hoop' strength, providing a stable environment at impact and making it easier to swing the club head faster.

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Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver Review Image
Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver Review

The SQ Machspeed Black Driver is Nike's newest model to hit the scene, and is surely going to take the golfing world by storm. This stunning looking beast utilizes the very latest in cutting edge design and technolgy, and is the next generation up and superior version of the already popular Nike SQ Machspeed Driver.

Although benefiting from many of the same innovative technologies as its predecessor this club has a larger breadth and face area, to boost ball speed across more of the face. It also has a more tapered heel and updates to its 'PowerBow' design, with a Y-shaped sole diffuser to maintain clubhead velocity and ball speed.

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