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Nike SQ Machspeed Black Golf Driver Review

Nike SQ Machspeed Black Golf Driver Review Image The brand new stealth like Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver is there very latest creation that is bound to make a huge impact on the golfing scene, and is the superior upgraded version of the extremely successful and popular Nike SQ Machspeed Driver.

Released to the public at the end of November 2010 the Machspeed Black Driver utilizes the most up to date cutting edge technology that is out there, to give serious players the superior distance, accuracy and shot control that they seek and demand.

Nike released two versions of the SQ Machspeed Black Driver to help cater for all levels of experience and ability. One has a square head profile, while the other has a more rounded head profile.

The square head is designed for higher handicap golfers as it offers a little more forgiveness to help increase consistency, while the round version offers a little more workability for increased shot shaping control. Both models have the maximum 460cc sized clubhead and take advantage of a taller club face profile and crown that tapers more quickly to the rear of the driver than in the previous SQ Machspeed Driver Models.

These enhancements although small have helped to increase the overall forgiveness across the face of the driver and produced a lower ball flight with a lower spin rate that results in maximum distance and accuracy. By taking the science of aerodynamics to a whole new level, the Nike have designed the SQ Machspeed Black Driver to optimize drag reduction and create a smooth 360 degree airflow across the club to generate maximum clubhead speed, for greater distance.

SQ Machspeed Black Driver Technology

Nike STR8-FIT Technology - This tour proven technology featured in the SQ Machspeed Black Driver gives you the ability to adjust the clubheads loft and lie angles from a neutral position to up to  +/- 2 degrees open or closed. With 8 settings to choose from you can dramatically change the shape of your drives so that it perfectly matches your swing style.

Through comprehensive testing on the driving range, Nike have revealed that there is a 45 yard differential between the maximum open and maximum closed STR8-FIT settings, which gives golfers an incredible opportunity to significantly alter their ball flight to help conquer that dreaded Slice of Hook.

The STR8-FIT clubhead settings are easy to adjust by using the torque wrench (included with purchase) to separate the clubhead from the shaft and then re-attach it to one of the desired 8 face loft and lie angle settings. The torque wrench also provides you with a sound and LED light indicator to signal that the shaft and STR9-FIT adapter are fully secured.

Total Swing Aerodynamic Design - Nike understand that the number one factor that makes the ball go farther is 'ball speed'. Which is why they have focused on improving the aerodynamic qualities of the Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver and taken it to a whole new level. By looking at how aerodynamics effect the entire golf swing,

Nike have managed to significantly reduce the amount of drag from wind resistance, by introducing their 'PowerBow design and sole diffuser. This design keeps the airflow smooth and close to the club surface, which allows golfers to pull the clubhead through the air faster to increase ball speed, which in turn, naturally results in greater distance off of the tee.

Tour Proven Square Technology - By moving the weight further back and into the corners of the Machspeed Black Driver, Nike have to deepened and lowered the clubheads center of gravity and increase its MOI. This benefits golfers by increasing the clubheads stability through contact with the ball, which allows for greater shot control and more forgiveness.

The shaft features UST's Patented AXIVCore Technology, with an ultra light wide body 55 gram design. Engineered into the interior of the shaft, AXIVCore material increases the shafts 'hoop' strength, providing a stable environment at impact and making it easier to swing the Nike SQ Machspeed Black Driver's club head faster.

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Nike SQ Machspeed Driver Review Image
Nike SQ Machspeed Driver Review

The Nike SQ Machspeed Driver utilizes their award winning STR8-FIT technology, which enables golfers to manually adjust the face and lie angle of the clubhead, so that it perfectly matches their swing style, and has been specifically designed to fulfill the 2 key ingredients golfers are desperately seeking, Maximum Distance & Control

Nike have also introduced their Tour Proven Square Technology which helps to optimize the center of gravity locations and increases moment of inertia, along with their Total Swing Aerodynamic Design which reduces the effects of drag and allows the clubhead to move faster through the air, to help generate greater clubhead speed.

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