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Golf Slicing - What Are The Fundamental Causes? 

Golf Slice Cures - Instant Golf Slice Cure Image Golf slicing is a major issue amongst amateur players, with over 80% of golfers suffering from this devastating affliction and looking for an Effective Golf Slice Cure every day!

Most of these golf slice cures or tips, unfortunately prove to usually be pretty ineffective, because they are not tackling or focusing on the main fundamental causes of golf slicing.

There are so many potential faults in either your initial setup or swing that could be causing your golf slicing problems, that an effective change made to one persons swing may not be the right correction that is needed for your golf swing.

This is why it is so vital to first have a good understanding of what the main fundamental causes of golf slicing are, so you will be in a better position to isolate the necessary changes.

Clubface Angle

Golf Slicing - Clubface Angle

Swing Path
Golf Slicing - Swing Path

Fundamental Causes To Golf Slicing

A good place to start curing your golf slice is by learning the basic fundamentals of the golf ball flight laws. These laws tell you why your ball is travelling in a certain direction and with a certain curve, so if you are slicing the ball, you now it's because you're striking it with a clubface angle which is open in relation to your swing path.

How do you Correct an Open Clubface?

This is where it can get complicated, because there could be any number of reasons or combination of reasons that is causing your clubface to be open at impact, i.e. it could be down to your grip, shoulder turn, hand position at the top of your backswing, alignment, clubhead release, overswinging, just to name a few.

The first place you should look to correct a golf slice though, is with your swing path! If you have an outside-to-in swing path, then you will always be playing right into the hands of the golf slice. Even if your clubface is square to the target line at impact, you will find that it will be open in relation to the path of your swing.

Identify and Change your Swing Path:

An easy way to identify the path of your swing is to check your divot marks, if they are aiming left of the target line your swing path is outside-to-in. A common trait amongst golf slicers, and one of the major factors that influence an outside-to-in swing path, is to align themselves to the left of the target line.

So working on your alignment and making sure that your feet, knees, hips and shoulders are parallel to the target line is a good place to start. This will at least ensure that you are in the right setup position to work on the correct swing path and rid yourself of that dreaded golf slicing issue for good.

Practice your Alignment to Cure your Golf Slicing:

You can do this on the practice range, by laying 2 clubs down parallel to each other on the ground, so that both are pointing directly towards the intended target line, one where the ball position should be and the other just inside your feet position.

Then practice hitting golf balls with your feet, knees, hips and shoulders aligned exactly square to these clubs on the floor. It will probably feel very awkward to start with, because you will more than likely be used to aligning your body further left, but stick with it, as this will really help you to get your swing path back on line.

To take this a step a bit further, it's a good idea to practice moving your right foot back 6 - 12 inches or so, by doing this you will really start to get the feeling of swinging the club along a more inside-to-inside path, which is exactly what the golf slice doesn't want you to do!

Looking for a Permanent Solution to Cure Your Golf Slicing?

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