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Correcting A Golf Slice - 3 Fundmental Keys To Help You Fix Your Golf Slicing Problems! 

Golf Slice Cures - Instant Golf Slice Cure Image Finding a permanent way to correcting a golf slice is one of the most sought after solutions in golf, and as golf slicing is one of the most devastating shots possible, finding a cure is an absolute must if you want to have any real enjoyment out of this game and start reaching your full potential.

The reason golf slicing is one of the hardest shots in golf to fix is because there are so many areas within your swing or setup that could be at fault, and that's why so many players end up accepting fait and just give up trying to cure it.

It doesn't have to be like that though, if you can rid yourself of the dreaded golf slice, not only will you have more fun out on the golf course, but you will start to improve your scores by hitting the ball further and straighter. Read on below to find out what the 3 keys to Correcting a Golf Slice are.

Correct Golf Grip

Correcting A Golf Slice - Golf Grip

Alignment & Ball Position
Correcting A Golf Slice - Alginment & Ball Position

3 Keys To Correcting A Golf Slice

Getting the pre-shot fundamentals right in this game are going to be the key to your success, and the foundation for curing your golf slicing problems. The 3 key areas that we are going to be looking at to correcting a golf slice lie within your golf grip, proper alignment and your ball position. 

Correcting your Golf Grip to Cure Your Slice:

One of the most common faults for slicing the ball lies within your golf grip. Most slicers will adopt a grip which is known as a weak grip. This is where the hands have been rotated too far in an anti-clockwise direction (for right handers) on the grip.

What tends to happen with a weak grip, is that during the course of the backswing or downswing the hands will correct themselves to some degree and adopt a more neutral position, because this is more natural. It is this correction that causes the slice as your clubface will be open by the time you've reached the golf ball.

An excellent example of a great golf grip that will help you to place your hands in the perfect postition is Harry Vardon Overlapping Golf Grip. This grip or variation of, is used by most Tour Players and recommended by the majority of Golf Professionals.

Proper Alignment will help you Correct a Golf Slice:

Most players who slice the ball will naturally setup with an open stance, where their feet, knees, hips and shoulders are aligned to the left of the target line. This open position promotes an outside-to-in swing path, which is then usually followed by an open clubface, and of course this open clubface will result in a golf slice.

In an attempt to cure a slice, most golfers will just end up making the problem even worse. They are so scared of hitting the ball right, that they end up aiming their bodies further and further left of the target line. The solution is in fact the opposite, you need to be focusing on aligning your body more square to the target line.

Locating the Right Ball Position at Address:

Finally you want to make sure that your ball position is right, this will vary depending on which club you are using. With the driver your angle of approach will be flatter as you are further away from the ball, so the position of the ball needs to be further forward in your stance, generally a couple of inches inside the left foot.

As the length of your clubs shorten the position of the ball moves closer towards the middle of your stance. Having the ball position to far back in your stance makes it harder for the club face to square itself at impact and will more often than not result in an open face causing the ball to slice.

Looking for a Permanent Solution to Correcting a Golf Slice?

If you are looking for a permanent solution to correcting a golf slice, that has already helped thousands of golfers across the world, then i would highly recommend downloading a copy of 'Instant Golf Slice Cure' by Dave Moore. This fully comprehensive ebook guarantee's to cure your slice in 4 simple steps! 

Golf Slice Cures - Instant Golf Slice Cure Image

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