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Golf Pitching Technique To Improve Your Short Game!

If you can manage to learn to master a good solid and reliable golf pitching technique that will stand up under any kind of pressure on the course and will help to produce consistent results for you around the greens, then you will be well on your way to becoming a much better golfer.

It is a well known fact that as much as 70% of golfer's shots are played from within 100 yards of the putting green, so it's not difficult to understand why improving your short game is one of the major keys to reducing your golfing handicap and scoring well when out on the golf course.

Although golf pitching is considered to be one of the hardest shots in golf to perform, because it relies heavily on having great touch and feel, if you practice the right golf pitching techniques enough, you will soon reap the benefits and very quickly start to enjoy playing better golf and shooting lower scores.

As with all shots in golf, being able to improve your golf pitching technique will start with having a good setup position. Having a solid setup position for your pitch shots is crucial to providing you with a foundation from which you can produce the kind of accurate and consistent golf pitching results, that are essential to scoring well.

Solid Golf Pitching Setup Position - To start your golf pitching setup position, address the golf ball so that the club face is square to and aiming at your intended target. Now take your stance so that your feet are about shoulder width apart and the ball is roughly in a central position.

Now drag your leading foot (left foot for right handers) back about 6 inches or so and turn it so it's pointing more towards the target. Your feet, knees and hips should all be parallel to each other and aiming left of the target line, however, it is important that you still keep your shoulders parallel to the intended target line.

To give yourself in a comfortable and well balanced posture, flex your knees a little and bend your back from the waist so that it's straight and roughly at a 45 degree angle. Then press your hands forward so the butt end of the golf club is aiming at the inside of your left thigh and position 2/3 of your weight so it's favoring your left side.

This open and well balanced setup position will not only help to ensure that you get an excellent visual perspective of the target, but it will also help to keep the hips and legs quieter, promoting a steeper swing path for higher and softer landing pitch shots.

Perfecting Your Golf Pitch Shot Swing: - The most complicated part of your golf pitching technique is learning how to perfect the swing itself, and this can only really be mastered through plenty of practice and gaining experience out on the course. Being able to maintain a good rhythm is a crucial factor, because without a good rhythm, both timing and consistency will be impacted.

To improve your rhythm you should concentrate on making sure that your back swing and follow through is the same length, as well as ensuring that you always accelerate down and through the golf ball during the impact zone. Quitting or decelerating on the shot before you've made contact will just destroy any rhythm or timing you may have.

The other important element to get right in your pitch shot technique is to keep your left hand strong through the impact zone. This is one of the most common mistakes amongst amateur golfers, because they feel they have to lift or scoop the ball up to get it airborne! Let the loft of the club do the work for you, that's what it's designed for.

If you are serious about improving your golf chips shots and looking for some inspirational advice on how to take your short game and golf chipping to the next level, then i would recommend that you get a copy of Phil Mickelson's excellent golf instructional book called 'Secrets Of The Short Game'

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Golf Pitching Technique To Improve Your Short Game
If you can manage to learn to master a good solid and reliable golf pitching technique that will stand up under any kind of pressure on the course and will help to produce consistent results for you around the greens...

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