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Callaway X-24 Hot Golf Irons Review

Callaway X-24 Hot Golf Irons Review Image The new Callaway X-24 Hot Golf Irons are the longest and most accurate of the Callaway X Series collection ever created. This is mainly due to the introduction of their latest evolutionary updates and modifications to their ground-breaking designs & technologies.

These new technological enhancements produce faster ball speeds across the entire face of the club to deliver maximum distance, and optimized weight distribution for ultimate accuracy and forgiveness.

Featuring Callaway's VFT (Variable Face Thickness) Technology that uses a special process to vary and optimize the thickness of the metal across the clubface of the X-24 Hot Irons, to produce an extremely hot and robust face, along with a larger sweetspot.

With this VFT process, Callaway engineers have been able to lower the center of gravity and optimize launch trajectory for each iron in the set. This means that the longer irons in the set have a higher launch angle for greater distance potential, whilst the shorter irons and wedges have a better height trajectory for effective shot control.

The addition of Callaway's innovative Precision Notch Weighting technology and 360 degree undercut channel in the X-24 Hot Irons positions more of the weight around the perimeter of the clubhead and lower down towards the heel and toe end. This precise positioning helps to create a higher moment of inertia (MOI) for greater forgiveness and stability, as well as lowering the center of gravity location, so that it produces ideal trajectories and exceptional feel.

The X-24 Hot Irons also utilize the hollowed-out or Modified Tru-Bore Technology. This technology allows the tip of the shaft to extend through the hosel and clubhead, right to the bottom of the sole. This bore-through design helps to improve feel and control by moving the tip of the shaft closer to the center of the clubface.

As well as benefiting from the above technologies, the Callaway X-24 Hot Irons come complete with a new Stealth PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) Finish. This process produces an attractive and distinguished look, that is much darker than most iron sets and is designed to help reduce the negative impact of glare on performance.

If you are interested in reading More Customer Reviews or thinking of purchasing the new RAZR XF Hybrid Golf Irons, then you will find the best deals by visiting either Amazon.com or Callaway's Official Online Store. Alternatively if you are looking to save a bit of money and happy to buy second hand then you can find some great deals on pre-owned Callaway Golf Irons and equipment by visiting Callaway Golf Pre-Owned. Check below for more Callaway Irons Reviews:

Callaway RAZR XF Hybrid Irons Review Image
Callaway RAZR XF Hybrid Irons

The new Callaway RAZR XF Hybrid Golf Irons set features a multi-material club construction, along with some of the most advanced technology that Callaway has to offer! With an ideal combination of irons and hybrids, this impressive looking set of golf clubs will provide you with unbeatable levels of forgiveness, playability and feel.

The forged 1025 Carbon Steel body is perimeter weighted to increase forgiveness and offer a higher MOI, as well as providing soft, responsive feedback at impact. The face is made from 455 Carpenter Steel, that is stronger than traditional stainless steel, and helps to generate hotter and faster ball speeds for added distance. 

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Callaway RAZR X Hybrid Irons Review Image
Callaway RAZR X Hybrid Golf Irons

The new Callaway RAZR X Hybrid Golf Irons set gives you the very best of both worlds, by combining the ultimate combination of distance and forgiveness that you would expect from a set of wider-soled irons, with the playability and turf interaction that the more accomplished players demand from a set of thinner-soled golfing irons.

By redistributing 30 grams of weight in the back cavity, Callaway have managed to shift the centre of gravitiy so that it is 12 percent lower and 15 percent deeper in the RAZR X Irons. This along with their VFT Technology results in more consistent ball speeds across the club face, increasing distance and accuracy even on miss-hit shots.

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Callaway X-22 Irons Review Image
Callaway X-22 Golf Irons

The Callaway X-22 Irons with their tour-inspired head shape are ideal for players of all levels. The slightly thinner topline and sole help to provide golfers with the ultimate combination of playability and forgiveness, and their maximized perimeter weighting design gives them a 10% greater moment of inertia (MOI) than their predecessors.

This combination results in providing you with forgiveness on those off-center hits. They have also optimized the center of gravity location throughout the set of the Callaway X-22 Irons to help generate perfect ball flight trajectories, and included their modified Tru-Bore design, to help dampen vibrations for enhanced feel.

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