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What 3 Factors Influence Golf Distance?

Increasing golf distance is a goal that the majority of players are looking to achieve these days! Find out what 3 key factors influence golfing distance below, and start working on improving your average golf driving distance today!

Golf Distance Factor 1 - Clubhead Speed:

Clubhead speed is probably the most important factor that influences golf distance, and there are 5 elements which influence clubhead speed:

1) Physical Strength - is the most important factor when it comes to generating club head speed and is the main reason why men and women play golf from different tee boxes! Having said that, we have all seen big strong men being out driven by lesser physically gifted people?.....this is because there are other important factors involved and not just physical strength, when it comes to hitting the golf ball a long way! 

2) Body Flexibility - is also a crucial factor to building up club head speed. To create a golf swing that is made for distance requires some movements of the body that will rely on you having good flexibility. You may be physically very strong but if you are not able to complete a full hip and shoulder turn then you are losing significant potential distance from your golf swing.

If you are interested in improving your golf swing and generating more club head speed through developing your physical strength and body flexibility, then i would highly recommend Mike Pedersen's 'Power Golf Training Program'.

Mike Pedersen is a well respected and well recognized golf fitness expert, who has helped  improve the golfing performance of many touring professionals through his specific golf training exercises. These golf fitness exercises are specifically designed to increase golfing strength and flexibility and luckily he is sharing them with us in this fully comprehensive, easy to follow golfing ebook!.

3) Swing Technique - there is of course another vital ingredient to increasing your club head speed, and will be influenced by your physical shape, body strength and flexibility, so working on the above 2 elements will certainly increase your chances of achieving a more successful swing technique.

Again best selling ebook 'The Simple Golf Swing' by David Nevogt might be of interest to you! David Nevogt believes that he can get any golfer to break 80, no matter what their physical abilities are, and with a 95% success rate, who's to doubt him!

4) Leverage - this is a factor which unfortunately you have no control over, as it is an inherited attribute, and relates to the length of your left arm (for right handers). If 2 golfers have equal strength, the one with the longer left arm will have the potential for greater club head speed and so more golf distance.

5) Neuromuscular coordination -  this relates to the bodies ability to use its muscles at the right time and with the right amount of force. Again, this is mainly an inherited attribute, although can be developed and fine tuned through practice and experience.

Golf Distance Factor 2 - Centeredness Of Contact:

To maximize your golf distance you will need to be hitting the golf ball in the center of the clubface, otherwise known as the sweet spot! This is where you will achieve the maximum amount of energy transfer. A golf ball being struck at 100 m.p.h with a center faced hit will travel roughly 240 yards! You will gradually lose golfing distance the further away you are from a center faced hit, in fact just 3/4 of an inch off center will lose you approximately 30 yards!

Golf Distance Factor 3 - Angel Of Approach:

The angle at which the club head approaches the golf ball will also influence golf distance! The steeper the angle of approach is, the more backspin is imparted on the ball, more backspin results in more lift and consequently less golfing distance. Also, the more the angle of approach deviates from the optimum swing plane the less power can be transmitted for sending the golf ball forward.

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What 3 Factors Influence Golf Distance?
Increasing golf distance is a goal that the majority of players are looking to achieve these days! Find out what 3 key factors influence golfing distance below, and start working on improving your average golf driving distance today...

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